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Cybersprint Digital Risk Protection Platform

The Cybersprint Platform

We’ve developed a unique Digital Risk Protection SaaS-platform that works 24/7 as an automated ethical hacker, continuously in search of online vulnerabilities. Read more

Cybersprint provides realtime insights

Make the world more cyber-secure

Cybersprint protects organisations by providing real-time insights into their online footprint. Read more


Discover Your Online Footprint

Gain real-time Threat Insights into your online attack surface to prevent a negative impact on your organisation or brand.

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Most organisations have only limited visibility of their online digital assets and web-facing networks, which is one of the primary impediments of securing those systems.Without full knowledge of online digital assets, vulner-abilities, network additions and changes, defende

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Cybersprint’s Email Protection Service (EPS) is a cloud-based Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution for securing an organisation’s email infrastructure and protecting against email fraud. There are three tools that work together to protect your email

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Cybersprint Solution Brief

Knowing your online footprint is essential for managing cyber risks and protecting your organisation’s brand. We help secure your online presence and reputation so you won’t become next week’s negative news story.

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The Cybersprint Brand Portfolio Rationalisation Service (BPRS) for customers is a cloud-based Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solution for organisations who’s brands are continuously evolving through mergers, acquisitions, or divestments.

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Notice & Takedown Service (NTDS)

Cybersprint’s Notice & Takedown Service (NTDS) takes care of active threats to your organisation or brands. After having identified potential threats, Cybersprint’s platform will take the Notice & Takedown request out of your hands, to help you eliminate the threats as soon as possible.

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Phishing - The Million Euro Threat to Your Business

Of all the cyber threats faced by modern organisations, phishing is among the deadliest. Many of the highest profile breaches over the past two decades — including those affecting major banks, retail chains, and government organisations — were made possible because one person clicked a link or attachment in a phishing email.

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