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VIDEO | Attack Surface Management

Pieter Jansen interviews Product Owner, Pauline Dame on Attack Surface Management and the value it adds to security infrastructure. They also look to the future to discuss the trends in risk management and the role ASM plays therein.

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Cyberhelden Podcast: Pieter Jansen

Pieter Jansen is te gast bij de Cyberhelden Podcast. Hij praat met Ronald Prins over zijn carrièrepad van ethisch hacker tot ondernemer, de oprichting van Cybersprint en waarom de overname door Darktrace een mooie, volgende stap is voor Cybersprint

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Forrester report: Find and cover assets with attack surface management

Independent research organisation Forrester investigated the current state of the emerging Attack Surface Management approach. Read the full report here.

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Data sheet: Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Understanding the exact location, cause, and severity of your vulnerabilities gives you the opportunity to protect your organisation. Here's how ASM helps.

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Editorial: Why your Brand DNA is the foundation of your security posture

The internet is huge and is expanding every day. While this has many positives for businesses, managing the potential risks in this environment can be daunting.

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Data sheet: API Security

Protecting your APIs with the proper security measures is critical, as APIs expose all your application functionalities and data, and almost all system traffic uses this technology.

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Editorial: Automated Hacking

Automated hacking is not a new problem, it has been around for some time. However, with companies’ attack surfaces becoming increasingly sprawling and complex, and with hacks getting more advanced, it is becoming a much more pressing problem for organisations.

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Webinar | Log4j vulnerability

In this webinar, our CEO talks about the the log4j vulnerability. It’s used in thousands of different applications, leading to systems at risk on a largely unprecedented scale.

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Video | Tips to achieving zero shadow-IT

In this video, our CEO Pieter Jansen explains the risk of shadow IT and shares tips on how to minimise the risk for your organisation.

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