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Video | Tips to achieving zero shadow-IT

In this video, our CEO Pieter Jansen explains the risk of shadow IT and shares tips on how to minimise the risk for your organisation.

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Webinar | The threat of open directories

In this webinar, we talk about the threats of open directories, our research and how to protect your organisation.

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Zó hack je een stad

In de e-guide leest u wat er nodig is om uw digitale veiligheid continu te verbeteren en hoe u ethische hackers hierbij kunt betrekken.


6 steps to achieving zero Shadow IT

Shadow IT has long been a problem for organisations. Formal IT is routed through the IT department, where it’s approved, purchased, set up, and, importantly, supported and maintained. Shadow IT falls outside this process.

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Attack Surface Management flyer

Knowing your attack surface is essential for managing digital risk & protecting your organisation. Read more about attack surface management in this flyer.

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BIO en GGI-Veilig met Attack Surface Management

Gemeenten moeten voldoen aan de BIO. Het GGI-Veilig framework maakt de beveiligings-eisen inzichtelijk. Hoe werkt het? En hoe helpt ASM? Lees het hier.

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Tackling the Exponential Growth of the Attack Surface

In this whitepaper, CISO Vincent Thiele takes a look at the challenges and best practice to manage and control your attack surface.  

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API security is one of those essential elements, as it’s rooted in so many processes. Yet, it’s still easily overlooked. API security needs a second component to be effective. In this insight, I will outline what that is and why you need it.

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Video | Attack Surface Management Explained

Focusing on one risk type over others will leave you with blind spots elsewhere in your attack surface. In this video, we explain how attack surface management provides your organisation with the insights you need to reduce your risk exposure.

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