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The Cybersprint team is passionate about solving the world’s most serious problems with digital footprint technology. We’re continuously pushing the edge to solve increasingly complex problems.

We believe in using the team’s different experiences, backgrounds, strengths, and perspectives. We think outside the box, there’s room for growth, research and innovation. We create an open and positive atmosphere, both in the office as well as in our communication. 

We highly encourage every team member to learn. We share and discuss a wide range of topics in our Cybersprint Academy. It gives people the chance to teach their colleagues about their specific line of work, such as insights into a sales process, how hackers work, or in what way AI can predict risk. 

We organise social events, game nights, CTFs, fun competitions, team outings, and more. We lunch together and offer fresh fruit, snacks and seriously good coffee from freshly-ground beans in the office kitchen. 

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Pieter Jansen

CEO and founder

“Our team has the best qualities and capabilities to develop innovative security solutions and bring them to the market. The team enables clients to profit from state-of-the-art technologies, integrated in our unique platform, to secure businesses worldwide.”

Some of our perks

We know you will appreciate
Room for growth & development
Flexible working days
Regular game nights, drinks & table tennis games
Good coffee & a stocked kitchen with fresh fruit, sweets and snacks

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