Tackling the Exponential Growth of the Attack Surface

Your organisation’s attack surface is the sum of the exposed and internet-facing assets, and the associated risks a hacker can exploit to carry out a cyber-attack. Your attack surface is growing and changing at an ever-increasing speed.

An outside-in perspective of Attack Surface Management is key to seeing the blind spots that are visible to threat actors. It will fundamentally move the advantage away from your adversaries and opportunistic hackers, and back to your own teams.

In this whitepaper, CISO Vincent Thiele takes a look at the challenges and best practice of implementing a robust risk-averse strategy to manage and control your attack surface.

Tackling the Exponential Growth of the Attack Surface - mockuplanding


Which challenges organisations are facing.



The risks to your organisation and how to mitigate them effectively.



The scale of the attack
surface you have to protect.