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On-Demand webinar: The ransomware submarine

Together with Intel471, we take you down into the depths of enterprise ransomware. Sensitive data such as login credentials can be obtained and sold to give others access to your organisation's infrastructure. But what makes ransomware so popular, and what trends can we discern by looking at the cyber underworld

Maurits, Director of Intelligence Solutions at Intel471, explains how cyber-criminals spread ransomware and try to sell data on the dark web. What can you do to detect such activity? 

Then, after visiting the depths, Eward, SVP Strategy at Cybersprint, brings the risks to the surface, shining a light on the most effective way to monitor your own attack surface, minimising the possibility of a ransomware attack. 

In this on-demand webinar, we'll provide you with tips, tricks, and tools to increase your organisation's cyber-resilience and keep your data secure. 

  • Learn about the different variations of (enterprise) ransomware
  • Discover how criminals build and spread ransomware
  • Understand how to manage your digital footprint to prevent risks



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Eward Driehuis
SVP Strategy at Cybersprint

Eward Driehuis has been a security veteran for over 24 years, describing himself as having a "tech heart, design mentality, business drive". He's got a proven track record in innovative leadership in start-ups and large enterprises. Eward is an established speaker in the media and at international events such as RSA and FS-ISAC, drawing upon his years of experience of fighting cyber threats together with banks, law enforcement and corporates.

Maurits Lucas
Director of Intelligence Solutions at Intel 471

Maurits Lucas is Director of Intelligence Solutions at Intel 471, where he specialises in bridging the gap between technology and business. Maurits has held various positions in Cyber Threat Intelligence and IT Security over the past 17 years and is a subject matter expert on cybercrime, presenting his research and providing his thought-leadership to distinguished audiences around the world.