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We believe the attack surface is key in solving digital problems. We push AI to its limits, driven by the finest threat analysts, cyber threat intelligence experts, and researchers. We find tangible solutions for new technologies and state-of-the-art innovations. Together, we believe in the power of data, automation and custom insights to improve our customers' digital security. We keep track of cybercrime trends and software development, and never stop expanding our knowledge.


Cybersprint proactively supports diversity in teams working in cyber security and IT. In our view, colleagues with different backgrounds add value to both the team and processes. Different experiences, viewpoints, and ways of working lead to teams that challenge one another and think outside the box.


Pieter Jansen

Pieter Jansen


Maarten Timmerman

Maarten Timmerman


Pieter Jansen

CEO and founder

Cybersprint has been established by Pieter Jansen with the ambition to help organisations map their attack surface and find digital vulnerabilities by using automated ethical hacking skills. This is the foundation of our innovative solutions that make the internet a safer place and proactively protect the online environment of organisations.

In his previous job as a Security Manager and known ethical hacker, Pieter has worked on both the offensive and defensive side of cyber security. His motto “defence is hard, offence is easy” forms the base of Cybersprint’s Attack Surface Monitoring platform.

Pieter Jansen: “Repetitive tasks and manual work should be eliminated in the cybersecurity industry. We need to work fast to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

“Our team has the best qualities and capabilities to develop innovative security solutions and bring them to the market. The team enables customers to profit from state-of-the-art technologies integrated in our unique platform, to secure their brands worldwide.”

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