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Out of your hands, out of your control? 

Your attack surface needs to be managed in new ways. Controlling cloud assets is not always easy, and vulnerabilities in your suppliers’ systems could give threat actors access to your organisation. Moreover, your brand can still be held accountable when data is leaked at a third party, causing significant reputational damage.

How it works


Suppliers and third parties in your attack surface are automatically identified. 


Drill down to individual assets, risks, causes, and remediation strategies in your dashboard. 

risk detail

The environments of connected third parties are assessed for risks and can be monitored over time.

3rd party

Use the results for compliance input or share mitigation actions with the relevant organisations


Supply Chain Risk management is no longer the cumbersome and complex process it once was. Cybersprint now offers supply chain risk monitoring. It’s a more effective alternative to filling out excel sheets and enforcing a right to audit. It is based on the same principles as our attack surface management (automated and with a zero-scope approach), which means you will have a better overview of how third parties are connected to you, and what the potential impact of an incident is for your organisation.

Start managing supply chain risk in minutes. The insights will improve decision-making on operational, strategic and compliance level. Supporting your third-party relation with observable data is key to building a secure ecosystem. 

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