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There is a difference between threats, vulnerabilities, and risk, even though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

  • A threat can be an incident or external attempt which can damage a system.
  • A vulnerability is a weakness in a digital asset, which could be exploited by others.
  • Risk is the combined potential impact that an exploited vulnerability or external malicious activity can have.

Regain control over your digital assets

External threats can be difficult to detect and prevent, because they are created outside your direct field of vision, in parts of the internet that are not under your control. The vulnerabilities in your own digital assets, however, are under your control. You can monitor and manage your digital footprint, giving you the opportunity to detect and mitigate any weaknesses before they can be exploited.

Digital footprint and vulnerability risk go hand in hand: knowing your blind spots is just as valuable as knowing what vulnerabilities exist on assets you are aware of. The combination of these processes will free up a tremendous amount of time.

Digital Footprint for vulnerability risk

Cybersprint offers an automated solution in the form of digital footprint management. Our Digital Risk Monitoring platform can automatically find the assets related to your brand, helping you to keep your asset inventory up to date. Next, the platform will assess each asset to determine what kind of vulnerabilities you might be exposed to.

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Get insights in all your assets and their risk rating

The result is a complete list of digital assets related to your brand, categorised on the severity of the vulnerability and risk rating. The detailed insights allow you to make the right decisions, mitigate the vulnerabilities, inform the department responsible for a specific asset, or perhaps to remove the asset altogether. By incorporating an automated outside-in perspective with vulnerability detection, you reduce capabilities for cybercriminals, and reduce risk.

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