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Uncovering hidden assets

It is easier than ever to spin up cloud IT environments. Doing so without involving IT and security is risky: an increasing percentage of attacks succeed through shadow IT.

When agile teams have the autonomy to create domains or online channels themselves, the overview of all available digital assets is lost to the IT department. These blind spots yield risk.

Illuminating shadow it

Tracking and indexing these assets is time-consuming and labour-intensive, making it feel as if you are constantly playing catch-up. This is where Cybersprint comes into play.

On average, we find between 30 and 50 percent more assets than were previously known to an organisation. We discover your organisation’s shadow IT in automated processes. Our Digital Risk Protection platform will automatically classify the digital assets related to your brand. As it employs a zero-scope and outside-in perspective, it will find the assets that may have escaped your vision.

The platform continuously scans your digital footprint to visualise how each asset is linked to your brand, which helps to determine ownership. It will automatically assess the detected assets for any vulnerabilities, so you can prioritise the ones which need the most attention.

The solution to shadow IT lies in your digital footprint.

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