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Automatic risk categorisation

Continuous asset risk management will unveil the good and the bad of your footprint in all its detail. But how do you know what you should focus on first? Which assets are most vulnerable, or where does a potential incident cause the biggest damage?

What to fix first?

This is where Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Moniroting comes in. The platform will automatically assess each asset for risk. It combines dozens of techniques to determine how susceptible the asset is to abuse and what the potential risk is. The per-asset outcomes are also translated into one overall rating, driving prioritisation.

Detailed visualisations

Often, a risky asset has a combination of properties, like vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or exposure. The platform provides a detailed description and suggested actions for each identified risk. Mitigating the most prominent ones limits risks tremendously.


The platform’s data visualisations also help you pinpoint where to start. When an entire cluster of assets has a poor rating, the problem could also be in a server configuration. Spotting that in one instant will save a lot of time.

Priority is just as important as visibility. With Cybersprint you get both.

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