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Keeping track of risk

Your risk posture changes continuously. New domains are created, old ones deleted, cyber-criminals weaponise a phishing website… It can seem like an impossible task to keep track of everything. Domain monitoring alone can be very time-consuming without the proper tools. We believe organisations deserve better.

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Updated risk changes are quickly visible in your dashboard

Risk rating changes

Cybersprint offers an automated solution which identifies and maps the assets related to your organisation or brand. Some might already be well-protected, others might have escaped your view. As teams start to mitigate the risks, it’s important to keep track of what has been improved, what not, and what else might have changed since the last assessment.

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Set up playbook rules for automatic notifications when risks change

Dynamic asset monitoring is one of the key time savers. Not only does Cybersprint continuously find new assets, it also keeps evaluating the known ones. When a risk changes, the asset’s calculated risk score will change accordingly, and your overall risk rating will reflect this. This allows for faster mitigation processes and provides a phenomenal governance tool, as asset observables are dynamically translated to risk.

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Always have a clear view of your current overall risk rating

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