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Deceitful messages

Phishing is a form of cybercrime where attackers pose as a reputable entity to obtain information from their victims. Like many other crimes, it relies on impersonation and manipulation. Threat actors create fake websites, emails and texts containing malicious links or attachments. People are tricked into sharing confidential information or unintentionally give others access to a system. The information retrieved by attackers can be used for identity fraud, banking fraud, CEO-fraud, supplier fraud and more.

Many shapes and sizes

Phishing attacks are at an unprecedented high, with as many as 165,772 phishing sites detected in Q1 2020 alone. Phishing includes many types of fraudulent online activities, ranging from targeting a group of people to a single senior executive, like with CEO fraud or spear phishing. The number one form of phishing is a fake invoice message, tricking people into transferring money to a false bank account. As most phishing attempts targeting businesses are carried out via email, it is important to have tools for email security in place. This will help filter the malicious emails from the real ones.

Highlighted_Malicious marker in header
Toggle to display any malicious assets in your dashboard

Pre-attack action

If you don’t want to wait until an attack happens, you can be more pro-active and focus on detecting phishing attacks before they are executed. The MITRE PRE-ATT&CK framework describes the different preparation stages of an attack. To effectively detect and prevent a phishing attack, you would need to combine the know-how of where to look and what to look for, with the automated solutions to detect and alert IT specialists of a threat.

Cybersprint offers an outside-in perspective of your organisation’s attack surface, providing you with an overview of what goes on outside of your field of vision. Most threats that might impact your organisation are prepared outside your view, and outside your direct control. With Cybersprint’s Attack Surface Management platform, you can detect and flag newly created domains that show signs of a phishing attack. This allows you to act sooner, and keep your employees, customers and brand reputation safe.

Highlighted_Malicious node
A malicious node outside of your own footprint is detected and monitored by our platform.

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