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Shifting management demands

As digital transformation is peaking, organisations increasingly rely on infrastructure and services of third parties. In recent research, we identified that the top three cloud providers were hosting services for more than 70% of organisations.

This means your digital footprint needs to be managed in new ways. Keeping a clear overview of third-party assets is not always easy. Still, risks in your suppliers’ systems could give threat actors access to your organisation. However far your cloud transformation has evolved, you are still responsible for your data and accountable when your data is leaked.

3rd party

Easy, automated audits

To control these risks, Cybersprint offers a unique third-party risk solution. Per our 'zero-touch' principle, we automatically detect your third parties and their assets in your brand’s digital footprint. You’ll have a clear overview and a great starting point to start managing your third-party risk.

There is no more need for tedious questionnaires or forced audits to check in on your suppliers’ security ratings. Results are automated, instantaneous, and continuous. They provide you with the insights needed to identify and tackle the challenges that would otherwise be hidden from view. Here’s how it works in more detail.

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