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Cybersecurity in Government

Governmental organisations have a unique position when it comes to their security challenges. They have a responsibility bigger than their own operational continuity, as society relies on them. To improve efficiency, today’s infrastructure can be monitored, controlled and manipulated remotely. Consequently, a minor disruption can already have a major impact.

  • Map (public) digital assets
  • Automate risk categorisation
  • Prevent data leaks

Keeping Government data private

Although not all governmental organisations have the exact same tasks, they do often share core responsibilities in managing private and personal data. It is critical those data sources remain secure.

Because of the variety and sensitivity of information governments manage, they are also a target for some of the best equipped adversaries. That means cybersecurity must always be optimal, and vulnerabilities are detected and mitigated as soon as possible. This can be a tall order for IT Security teams, as maintaining a digital asset inventory is often a full-time job – let alone the detection of new assets or mitigation of risks.

Cybersprint offers a solution to automate the detection, risk categorisation, and management of the digital assets related to the organisation. It includes assessments to see if assets need patching – and how badly – which helps with prioritisation. This contributes to a healthy IT environment and to keep all valuable data safe and secure.

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Find relevant risks within your attack surface

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