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Cybersecurity and the financial sector

Financial institutions have always been one of the most targeted organisations by cyber criminals. Both financial and private data is at risk. Security is critical to safeguard customers’ information, brand reputation and business operations.

  • Prevent brand abuse
  • Automate risk detection
  • Full integration capabilities

What we do

Besides looking outward for signs of the next attack, it is essential to limit the potential entry points within your own systems, too. Mapping all brand-related assets helps prioritise securing the most vulnerable systems and make strategic decisions, for instance related to compliancy of third parties.

Two key aspects of our platform:

Automate some of the most prevalent risks like phishing, brand abuse, and shadow IT. The platform will really shine in data-rich, complex environments; this is where automation comes into play.

For starters, Cybersprint automates effectively make sense of your data. This limits time-consuming manual efforts and increases the productivity of IT teams, by using the playbooks feature.

Secondly, the data from our platform can be integrated into your existing systems, keeping your organisation’s most important security data available in one single pane of glass.

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