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Risks for your enterprise

Enterprises are a popular target for cyber-criminals, no matter the size of the organisation or the market they operate in. That means cyber-security must be up to par. The bad news is attack methods evolve. The good news is you are not alone, and the industry has a lot of experience you can benefit from.

  • Automate asset inventory
  • Prevent brand abuse
  • Secure customers' trust

Risk in numbers

Although there are increasingly popular attack vectors such as your supply chain, most attacks to enterprises start with a phishing attack. These use a form of social engineering, fake websites, fake domains, or a convincing story to gain access to a system or lure employees into sending money. 90% of all malware was sent via email spam, and it will cost a mid-size company roughly EUR 1.4 million to recover from a phishing attack.

Enterprise security at its core

There are ways to detect imminent phishing attacks, or to keep the vulnerabilities in your own IT infrastructure to a minimum. To be able to effectively protect your systems against any attacks, you first need to know exactly how many, and what kind of assets make up the brand’s digital footprint. And that’s what most organisations find most challenging.

A huge added benefit is that managing your footprint will inevitably reduce your attack surface and decrease your overall risk. Ultimately, for many, this is what enterprise security boils down to.

Cybersprint offers a solution to automatically detect the assets related to your brand. Knowing the “normal” will unveil fake websites that abuse your brand name for malicious purposes. In addition, the automated evaluation of assets discovers any vulnerabilities, providing you with the insights needed to strengthen your organisation’s cyber-resilience. Keep your customers, employees, and brand reputation safe.

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