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Number one threat

Brand abuse is increasingly popular. It’s used both in low- and high-tech attacks. It includes imitating your brand, your suppliers, one of your VIPs, misleading customers, or spreading fake news. Brand abuse can be a steppingstone to other attack types. The reputation you have so carefully built can be tarnished in seconds. Protecting your brand, and your reputation, is one of the biggest priorities for any organisation. No matter the size or the industry you are in.


Threat actors use various methods over multiple channels. These channels need to be monitored holistically. For instance, fake social media accounts use your brand name to direct customers to attackers’ web pages. They trick them into clicking on links or opening attachments that distribute malware. Copycat accounts will share content as if it's yours, easily spreading fake news and obtaining confidential information from customers. Non-authentic association is another type of brand abuse, where your organisation is presented as a third party to a fake phishing website, when in fact there is no relationship between your company and theirs.

The impact of brand abuse

Organisations with a greater online presence are at higher risk of brand abuse. Organisations that don't have the sufficient insights in their attack surface are especially vulnerable. Responding to cases of brand abuse when the damage to a brand has already been done is much more difficult and impactful than investing in effective security solutions beforehand.

Pro-actively taking care of your brand is no longer a time-consuming challenge. Cybersprint offers a solution to map and protect your brand’s attack surface. Our Attack Surface Management platform functions automated and continuously, empowering organisations with the data relevance and data quality to help keep your brand reputation intact.

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