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Lifting the workload

The role of IT security teams comes with a big set of responsibilities. There’s a non-stop demand to keep all aspects of the organisation’s IT infrastructure secure, prevent unwanted messages from reaching employees, threat actors from intruding systems, and much more. 

These teams make sure daily business operations can ensue as they should. If an incident occurs, the implications on other departments can be severe. This means IT security teams will have to operate as efficiently as possible, so that the organisation can too.

Process automation is the answer

We believe one of the best ways to increase productivity and efficiency is to replace the time-consuming and excessive tasks with automated processes. Ideally, these complement your existing security programmes without doubling the effort. That’s why Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Protection platform has automation at its core and can be integrated with your existing service management systems such as ServiceNow or TOPdesk.

Still, it’s important not to lose the feeling of control and accuracy that comes with manual actions. Therefore, the platform offers many customisable settings to stay connected to the processes. For instance, the automated detection, assessment and mapping of the organisation’s digital footprint can be combined with custom playbooks, automated alerts, special dashboards and reports, and more. In addition, the AI-driven technology is monitored and coordinated by analysts for the best results (AI²).

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