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The problem of an expanding footprint

As brands grow, their attack surfaces expand. Especially in decentralised (international) organisations, business units and individual departments have the autonomy to adjust online strategies to local markets. That complicates the process of managing a single overview. 

How cybersprint can help you

It’s vital to have a clear, central, all-in-one overview. This is important not only for strategic and operational decision-making, but IT Security teams need to know what assets are in use and by whom. They have to be able to track and protect digital assets and keep security certificates updated.

If you are not using the right tools, asset inventory can be very cumbersome and yield incomplete results.

Highlighted_Dashboard-new assets
Automated asset discovery to eliminate blind spots

Asset inventory simplified

Cybersprint offers automated detection and mapping of digital assets belonging to your brand. On average, our platform discovers 30 to 50 percent more assets than an organisation thought it had. Furthermore, the outside-in perspective does not intrude in your systems, minimising the impact on your organisation’s productivity. In addition, asset inventory management is simplified by features such as customisable tags and a rule engine supporting playbooks and automated alerts.

Use playbooks to set up automated alerts when an asset state changes.

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