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Locate copycat accounts

Social media accounts are created in no-time. This is also to the convenience of cyber-criminals. As more business is done online, the information needed to create a copycat account is easily found. It is important to actively monitor any (fake) social media accounts related to your business to minimise brand abuse. 

Social media threat analyses

Cybersprint’s Social Media risk monitoring solution detects and screens social media Twitter accounts related to your organisation. We use your brand name and search for activity with a potential negative impact. Not only is your brand covered; we can also scan the activity on your VIPs’ accounts. 

We continuously search for accounts using the brand name of your organisation or that of your VIPs. Identifying these digital brand abuse threats in time lets you take action pro-actively, before your customers or employees fall victim to a phishing attack, for instance. This will help keep your operations going uninterrupted and protect your (social media) brand reputation. 

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