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Organisational reliance on IT is increasing and outsourcing of services grows. What individual components are necessary for successful IT governance strategy

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WHITEPAPER: Subdomain Takeovers

This whitepaper breaks down how malicious actors can take control over your website page. What is the impact to your organisation? 

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Use case: ifm electronics

ifm's biggest challenge was to inventory their online assets, and to determine whose responsibility they were. Digital footprint mapping helps ifm improve their cyber-resilience and security workflow. 

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Use case: Provincie Overijssel

For governmental organisations, it is important to have a clear overview of their digital footprint and risks. They need to ensure the right policies are in place when it comes to cybersecurity. To illustrate their challenges, and the benefits of digital footprint management, we’ve interviewed one of our customers from the governmental sector. Rick Verkade, Security and Privacy Specialist at Provincie Overijssel shares his experiences in this interview.

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This paper maps the MITRE PRE-ATT&CK matrix to Digital Risk Protection and digital footprint solutions. It provides insights into the tactics, techniques and tools cyber-criminals might use, and how you can leverage these strategies to detect and prevent incoming attacks.

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Cyber criminals use the wealth of information on your organisation to plan their attack. The MITRE PRE-ATT&CK provides the tactics to understand and detect those activities, helping you to prevent attacks before they happen.

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Webinar Mitigating 3rd Party Risk

A solid mitigation strategy is vital when protecting your organisation from third-party risk. How can you regain control over your third-party risks, and what are the key components of an effective mitigation strategy?

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Webinar From Practice to Preventing

Hear how misuse of the supply chain worked as stepping stones into an organisation. What's the story behind the attack on critical infrastructure that compromised the network of a nuclear power plant? And what is the evolution of Business Email Compromise? 

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Webinar Third-Party Risk

Gain insights into the most common and impactful risks of your suppliers, based on our research and case studies. Regain control over the assets in your online footprint, both your own as well as your suppliers’.Financial institutions and other organisations outsource parts of their IT infrastructure. Though it brings many opportunities, it also increases the digital attack surface of your own organisation. Your own cyber-resilience may be up to par, but is your suppliers’ too?

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