How it works

  1. Request a Quickscan by filling in the online form.
  2. As soon as we have confirmed your request, we will start the automated Quickscan.
  3. Using nothing but your brand name, the Quickscan reveals and assesses forgotten websites, phishing websites, outdated certificates and more.
  4. We share the results of the Quickscan with you, either on-site or via a call.
  5. We demonstrate our Digital Risk Protection platform.
  6. We provide advice on how to deal with the revealed vulnerabilities.

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The demo and Quickscan will give you insights into

The DRP platform

Experience how easy you can discover your entire online footprint with our innovative solutions.

your online footprint

Review your online presence, including forgotten websites and unknown entry points.

Your online vulnerabilities

Secure your organisation by mitigating all current vulnerablilties.

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