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Exclusive Nordic Banking Tour

New insights in digital risks for finance

What do cyber war stories have in common with cinematic drama?

Industry veterans will share stories and best practices on how large international financials cope with digital risks.


We welcome you at this exclusive event from 09.30am to 01.00pm, including lunch:

09.30 - 10.00 am: Walk-in, coffee, snacks and welcome

10.00 - 10.40 am: Vincent Thiele, former head of CCERT within ING
‘How banks leverage their digital footprint to remediate risk’

10.40 - 11.00 am: Coffee & networking break

11.00 - 11.40 am: Jim Shields, Europe’s premier infosec story teller
‘Using comedy and drama to bolster security awareness’

11.40 - 12.00 am: Eward Driehuis, chief strategist
‘Third party risk and SOC operations: when in doubt, automate' 

12.00 am - 01.00 pm: Networking lunch.

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