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Webinar: Mitigating 3rd Party Risk

by Cybersprint Event 14 May 2020

A solid mitigation strategy is vital when protecting your organisation from third-party risk. How can you regain control over your third-party risks, and what are the key components of an effective mitigation strategy? Watch the webinar with Intel 471 and Cybersprint!

The era of the digital supply chain has ushered in tens of thousands of 3rd party relationships that corporations must manage locally, regionally and across the globe. Intertwined between a corporation and 3rd parties are vast requirements to safeguard sensitive information. If negligent, regulatory and commercial penalties can be massive if either side is deemed culpable.

Regulators, such as the EBA, push you to stay in control over your suppliers. This effectively places a company within the familiar adage of “You’re as strong as your weakest link”. Meaning, in order to reveal weakness and to protect your organization, you must have continuous monitoring of threats which could impact their 3rd party digital supply chain.

In this webinar, Jason Passwaters (COO at Intel471) and Vincent Thiele (CISO at Cybersprint) discuss establishing and maintaining visibility into your external intelligence picture, why your digital footprint must be a key component of your 3rd party risk mitigation strategy and the added value of understanding the relation.

- Learn how CTI supports 3rd party risk mitigation strategy by establishing and maintaining visibility into the underground marketplace

- Understand the added value of 3rd party risk management

- How to ready your organization by mapping Tactics & Techniques to Mitre PRE-ATT&CK

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Cybersprint nominated for Deloitte's Technology Fast 50

We are excited to have been included the Deloitte Technology Fast 50  list. Cybersprint is one of the 50 technology companies in the Netherlands to be recognised for exceptional growth performance in the last four years.

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Why you need to know your certificate supply chain

Last week, on Thursday 30 September, a root certificate from Let’s Encrypt expired. This is not uncommon in itself, but as the certificate had no update or alternative, it meant that all domains and subdomains running the certificate were suddenly no longer listed as SSL / TLS-secured. The result: thousands of web pages and applications failed and were unable to serve the content people requested. What went wrong? And what can organisations do to fix similar issues in the future?

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Cybersprint nominated as one of the 10 best cybersecurity providers at Computable

Our team is proud to announce that Cybersprint is nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the category Security & Forensics! With our Attack Surface Management platform, we help organisations monitor their attack surface and mitigate the associated risks within. We are pleased that Computable recognises our approach to help make organisations become more digitally secure.

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