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Webinar From Practice to Preventing

by Cybersprint Webinar 9 Jun 2020

We'd like to nvite you to our upcoming webinar on 10 June. How was an attack on a nuclear plant discovered just in time? And why would criminals create expensive malware, when they can just send two people with wifi hacking equipment? Learn how Brian's and Eward's experience can help you prevent future attacks on your organisation.

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We learn the most from past experiences. An abused vulnerability in your systems is the first thing you’d patch, making sure something similar does not happen again. That’s how you go from repairing to effective preventing, and from compliancy to security.  

In this webinar, Eward Driehuis (SVP Strategy at Cybersprint) and guest speaker Brian Kime (Principal Analyst at Forrester) will discuss how the years in cybersecurity have helped them prepare for future events. They’ll give you a peak behind the curtains, going over some of their most striking use cases in a conversational style. Watch the webinar!

Key takeaways

  • How did tackling past challenges help prevent future incidents?
  • What tools were essential to a good outcome?
  • How can you apply the same method to secure your organisation?

    Watch the webinar >

Richard Betts joins Cybersprint team

As of 1 October 2020, we welcome Richard Betts as VP International Financial Services and UKI at Cybersprint. Richard will focus on creating and expanding Cybersprint’s international and financial portfolio.

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Cybersprint raises €1.75 mln to fuel further growth

The Hague, 30 September 2020 – Cybersprint, the leading cybersecurity company specialising in digital footprint, announces successfully closing a new investment. Several existing shareholders in the company, including InnovationQuarter, Vortex Capital Partners and KPN Ventures, have nearly doubled their investment with an additional €1.75 million. Cybersprint will use the investment to accelerate its growth. 

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Hâck The Hague Disclosed: A behind-the-scenes webinar

Join our special-edition webinar on 28 September, 4pm CET.  During this webinar, we’ll talk you through the most impressive hacks and highlights from past editions of Hâck The Hague along with the experiences of previous contestants.

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