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Vincent Thiele appointed as CISO at Cybersprint

by Cybersprint News 20 Feb 2020

As of 1 February 2020, Vincent Thiele has been appointed as CISO at Cybersprint. Vincent has 20 years’ experience under his belt in various roles and aspects within the cyber security domain, including the last seven years as Head of Operations at the Global CISO department of ING Bank.

At Cybersprint, Vincent will safeguard the digital security and resilience of the organisation and its clients, advise clients on the optimal application of the Cybersprint platform, and help improve the organisation’s services and portfolio for the financial sector.

Vincent: “Having comprehensive insights into the digital landscape of your organisation is vital to effectively secure it. However, many organisations have a wide-spread network, or are experiencing shadow IT. This makes it impossible to discover and assess the digital assets manually.

"Cybersprint offers the best-in-class solutions to map an organisation’s digital attach surface and delivers an accurate and real-time overview of the online footprint. I am excited to start my new role at Cybersprint and, together with the rest of the team, better protect organisations from online threats. I hope my experience and knowledge of different kinds of online threats and malicious actors will help keep more cyber criminals at bay.”

Over the past seven years, Vincent worked as Head of the Cyber Crime Expertise and Response Team (CCERT), which is part of the Global CISO Office at ING Bank. Before that, Vincent held various positions at the Dutch Ministry of Defence, GOVCERT.NL (NCSC), and Rijkswaterstaat (governmental body for infrastructure and water management). These positions included roles such as Security Incident Responder, Lead Security Architect and Information Risk Manager. In addition, Vincent was a member of the FS-ISAC Board of Directors. The FS-ISAC is the biggest global sharing platform for Threat Intelligence within the financial industry.

Pieter Jansen, CEO Cybersprint: “We are very happy to have Vincent on board. His many years of experience as Head of Operations and security expert bring a huge amount of additional knowledge. This will help our clients, as well as ourselves, grow even further and faster. Moreover, his first-hand insights of the financial sector are great input to improve and expand our services for that market.”

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Cybersprint recognised in CyberTech100

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