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One Conference: Cybersprint presents three innovations

by Cybersprint News Sep 24, 2019

From 1-3 October 2019, the International One Conference will be organised in city of The Hague, the Netherlands. The One conference is the international cyber security conference you don’t want to miss. With a global total of 150 applications, Cybersprint has been granted two presentation slots. One will be about ‘Phishing domain detection using AI’, and the second will share experiences about ‘The pursuit of better email security at De Tweede Kamer’. We will also be at The Innovation floor, presenting the ‘ Smart City Cyber Resilience Monitor’. We are very happy to share our insights with the expert audience.

The Netherlands has hosted the One Conference (formerly known as the Govcert symposium) since 2013. It is One of the ‘must-visit’ conferences for many people from the technical cyber security community worldwide. Partly due to the link with the Global Conference on Cyberspace and the Dutch EU-presidency, the One Conference has grown in importance and is broadened to an initiative of the Dutch national government.

During the three days, leading speakers from all over the world will share insights and developments within the international cyber security community. In over 60 talks many experts share their knowledge. Two of them will be hosted by Cybersprint colleagues. A more detailed description of these presentations follows below.

Phishing domain detection using AI

In this joint presentation by ING and Cybersprint, we show how we use AI to detect phishing domains targeted at ING. In this presentation will be explained why detecting phishing domains is very challenging and what strategy we have developed to tackling this challenge. This will be followed by a very comprehensible tutorial of our colleague Willem van Zwieten, Lead Data Science & Analytics, on machine learning, illustrated with practical use-cases. This will be concluded with a few key tips on what to keep in mind when building an AI solution in this context.

The pursuit of better email security at De Tweede Kamer

This ‘no publicity’ presentation of our colleague Robert Krenn, Director Research, takes you on a deep dive into the speedy implementation of an email security solution. Under the pressure of a spoofed email incident, Cybersprint had to improve the email security for De Tweede Kamer, the Dutch parliament. This momentum lead to the speedy implementation of SPF and DKIM methods, followed by DMARC and DANE in a later stage. In this talk, we will discuss the safer email infrastructure and the impact on the organisation and vendors. We will also share our experiences and look into edge cases we came across.

Innovation Floor

A novelty to the One Conference 2019 is the introduction of the Innovation Floor.A maximum of 15 organisations have been offered the opportunity to present their cyber security innovations over the three-day conference.

The Smart City Cyber Resilience Monitor

Cybersprint will the Smart City Cyber Resilience Monitor, together with the municipality of The Hague. This innovative solution continuously maps and monitors the city for any misconfigured or hacked IoT device that might pose a threat to the public - from both a privacy and a security perspective. It has been developed together with the Municipality of The Hague, and makes use of the parallel developed SBIR project "IoT Honeypotting".

On the eve of the One Conference, our major hacking event ‘Hâck The Hague’ kicks off on 30 September. 100 ethical hackers will join this hacking challenge organized by Cybersprint and the municipality of The Hague, right in the Atrium of City Hall. Following the event, the One Conference’s Capture The Flag competition will provide hackers with the opportunity to test their hacking skills and compete against other teams in a challenging game.

Registrations for the One Conference are limited and closed. You can still register to participate in the Capture the Flag or visit the site of Hâck The Hague.


Cybersprint sponsored team wins Global Cyberlympics Finals

During the finals of the Global Cyberlympics in Oshawa (Toronto), Canada on 26 October 2019, the Cybersprint sponsored hacking team ‘Jobless Hackers’ was awarded winner.  The Global CyberLympics is a big cyber security competition with teams from all over the world competing in a series of challenges in the areas of Digital Forensics, Web Application Exploitation, System Exploitation, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography and others. The team also includes Cybersprint employees and we are very proud to have supported them in their journey to show their skills.

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Cybersprint welcomes Eward Driehuis as Senior Vice President Strategy

PRESS RELEASE - The Hague, 21 October 2019 - Eward Driehuis will join Cybersprint as Senior Vice President Strategy on 1 November 2019. He has worked in various roles within the Cyber Security Industry for over 24 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Cybersprint and will focus on strengthening Cybersprint’s position as a key player in Digital Risk Protection, and the wider international cyber security market.

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Cybersprint Wins Cyber defense global award, Digital Footprint Security

PRESS RELEASE The Hague, 10 October 2019 – Cybersprint, the European leader in Digital Risk Protection, announced that it has won the 2019 Cyber Defense Global Award for their innovative Digital Footprint Security. These Global Awards are specifically focused on finding innovative infosec players with a presence outside of the USA and/or with a more global focus. Cybersprint is honoured to be selected.

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