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EXCLUSIVE NORDIC BANKING TOUR: New insights in digital risks for finance

by Cybersprint Event 16 Jan 2020

Now that the year 2020 has started you probably could use new inspiration on asset allocation. How much money will be spent on new investments, projects and collaborations? These are no subjects for rash decisions. And it’s important to look at all aspects of the deal - that includes cyber security. The ongoing rise of digitalisation and ever-evolving methods criminals use forces banks to be constantly aware of new cyber threats to their organisation. To help banks stay in control of their online footprint, Cybersprint organises exclusive round table sessions in the Nordics. Register here.

Situational awareness and cyber threats

According to the Swedish Financial Sector Supervisory Authority, 'Finansinspektionen', banks should maintain a current group wide knowledge base of its users, devices, applications and their relationships. Insight in the online footprint is required, among other reasons, to identify the most critical assets that require additional protection, e.g. the ones that store, transfer or process sensitive customer or business information.

Third party threats

As the majority of investments include one or more external parties, not only your own cyber resilience should be on par; the bar should be set equally high for the third parties. Their shaky digital infrastructure could lead cyber criminals into your organisation as well. Being aware of the online connections between your organisation and others isn’t always easy. Especially if the IT department isn’t kept in the loop. Scanning for these connections and the overall security level of any third party can become a strong element in negotiations, resource allocation and compliance regulations.

Over the years, many IT systems have become more complex and interconnected, through integration with other financial actors and through outsourcing of operations to third-party suppliers. At the same time, the number of groups with resources and ability to carry out advanced IT attacks is increasing, both in Sweden and internationally. In this context of constantly changing conditions, financial institutions need to keep actively managing information and cyber risks.

Exclusive Nordic Banking Tour

To understand more about a bank’s online footprint and digital attack surface, how to increase security awareness among employees, and what a third-party risk evaluation can do for your organisation, Cybersprint organises an exclusive banking tour with round tables though the Nordics.

Speakers and experts will expand your knowledge of how you can leverage your bank’s digital footprint and online attack surface, how to increase security awareness among employees, and what a third-party risk evaluation can do for your organisation.

4 February 2020 – Stockholm (Sweden)
5 February 2020 – Oslo (Norway)
6 February 2020 – Copenhagen (Denmark)

Information Security Officers in the financial industry can register and attend the event for free. In just a morning, the foundations of the three topics above will be explained over coffee, including networking opportunities and lunch. More information can be found on the registration page.

Don’t miss this opportunity to:

- Meet other finance industry security experts from the Nordics;

- Exchange insights into the day-to-day challenges you face;

- Learn about the latest European security innovations.

Let’s talk about the best (and worst) practices in digital risk protection!



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As of 1 October 2020, we welcome Richard Betts as VP International Financial Services and UKI at Cybersprint. Richard will focus on creating and expanding Cybersprint’s international and financial portfolio.

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The Hague, 30 September 2020 – Cybersprint, the leading cybersecurity company specialising in digital footprint, announces successfully closing a new investment. Several existing shareholders in the company, including InnovationQuarter, Vortex Capital Partners and KPN Ventures, have nearly doubled their investment with an additional €1.75 million. Cybersprint will use the investment to accelerate its growth. 

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