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We’ve developed a unique Digital Risk Protection SaaS-platform that works 24/7 as an automated ethical hacker, continuously in search of online vulnerabilities. Read more

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Meet Cybersprint at Hannover Messe

by Cybersprint News Feb 6, 2019

From 1-5 April 2019, Cybersprint will be participating in Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany. This world-leading trade event is organised around all key technologies and core areas of the industries. Over 220,000 visitors are expected to attend this edition. We will have a Cybersprint stand where we will be ready to help you and give a demo of our Digital Risk Protection platform. You can meet us at stand D08 in Hall 6! You can register for a free ticket using our promo code.

This year’s theme is ‘Industry 4.0 meets AI’, and underlines the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the production and energy industries. During these five days, the event hosts over 80 forums and conferences highlighting the synergies between research and development, industrial automation, IT, industrial supply, production technologies, and services to energy and mobility technologies.

Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Protection platform fits well within the theme of the conference. The wide scope of digital channels it scans makes it applicable to many different kind of organisations, businesses and brands. It can, for instance, determine the vulnerability of IoT devices, and also uses AI and Big Data Visualisation to make the scan results actionable. The platform helps your organisation to strengthen the digital security by automatically detecting online vulnerabilities, both within your own systems, as well as any external threats. If you are interested, please try our free Quickscan and Demo.

The Cybersprint stand is located in Hall 6 stand D08, which is themed ‘Digital Factory’. In this hall, integrated processes and IT solutions are displayed to attendees. Would you like to meet us at Hannover Messe? Register for a free ticket here, using our personal promotion code (pre-filled in the form). The ticket is valid for the entire duration of the event.

Do you want to meet us at the Hannover Messe to discuss the possibilities for your organisation?

We would be happy to welcome you to our stand and show you the digital threats that could affect your organisation. We offer a 10-minute demo to illustrate how our Digital Risk Protection solutions can provide you with actionable insights to secure your online footprint. Make an appointment and meet our German-speaking team at the Hannover Messe!

Meet Cybersprint at RSA Conference 2020

From 24 to 28 February, Cybersprint is present at RSA Conference in San Francisco in the Holland IT Security House. Our team is ready to tell you how to fight your organisation’s digital threats and how to gain insights into your online footprint at stand 2057. Interested in meeting us there? Reserve a timeslot with us by submitting the form.

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Citrix vulnerability webinar 21/1: Current status and advice

The recent discovery of the Citrix vulnerability and the impact it has on thousands of organisations has been widely covered in the media over the past days. No patch has been released as of yet, and the effectiveness of the suggested work-around has not yet been fully verified. In fact, there are Citrix versions for which the work-around is confirmed to be ineffective. 

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EXCLUSIVE NORDIC BANKING TOUR: New insights in digital risks for finance

Now that the year 2020 has started you probably could use new inspiration on asset allocation. How much money will be spent on new investments, projects and collaborations? These are no subjects for rash decisions. And it’s important to look at all aspects of the deal - that includes cyber security. The ongoing rise of digitalisation and ever-evolving methods criminals use forces banks to be constantly aware of new cyber threats to their organisation. To help banks stay in control of their online footprint, Cybersprint organises exclusive round table sessions in the Nordics. Register here.

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