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Meet Cybersprint at e-Crime & Cybersecurity Frankfurt

by Cybersprint News, Event 13 Jan 2020

On 28 January 2020, Cybersprint will participate in the e-Crime conference in Frankfurt, Germany. We would like to invite you to join our 20-minute seminar and visit us at our booth. During the Education Seminar, we will shine a light on some cybersecurity facts and statistics on the of German organisations, and will provide insights into the biggest online threats and opportunities for your organisation. Want to know your online footprint and how to combat your organisation’s cybersecurity threats? Register here for the event and visit our booth!

Education Seminar “Lessons learnt from monitoring Germany's online footprint”

Cybersprint’s cyber security specialist and Senior Vice President Strategy Eward Driehuis will give a seminar called ‘Lessons learnt from monitoring Germany’s online footprint’ from 12.30 - 13.10h. In his talk, Eward will outline what he has learnt from securing dozens of organisations in Germany. By using techniques to map their digital footprint, their strengths and weaknesses become visible. These relate to different kinds of cybercrime, but also to regulatory risks such as GDPR misconfigurations. Based on this digital DNA, you'll learn where opportunities and threats lie and which steps are needed to increase the cyber resilience. Moreover, you’ll gain insights from analysing thousands of German digital assets, discover the most relevant risks and their root causes, and how mapping your organisation’s online footprint is key in combating digital threats.

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You can already reserve a timeslot with one of our German sales representatives in the form below. If you’d like to meet with us on another date, you can let us know in the form below.

About e-Crime & Cybersecurity Conference

The e-Crime & Cybersecurity conference covers topics such as real-time detection of threats, GDPR, operational risks, privacy, compliance, risk management, digital fraud, and data loss. The C-level audience are invited to hear case studies, attend strategic briefings, and attend technical break-out sessions from leading companies. The conference takes place at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, in Frankfurt, Germany. Interested in meeting us there, and to attend our presentation? Register here.

Webinar: Could this happen to us?

Data breaches, phishing scams and malware are still making headlines. The impact of losing information of millions of customers can result in significant financial consequences, along with disrupted business productivity and reputational damage. Inevitably, the dreaded question is: "Could this happen to us?"

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Webinar: Preventing attacks with digital footprint and PRE-ATT&CK

Growing digital services and supply chains have lead to thousands of entry points in your organisation. Relationships with suppliers and third parties are necessary for your business, but parts of them are not under your direct control. Join our webinar on 01 July, and see how you can prevent and detect attacks before they happen.

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Cybersprint recognised in CyberTech100

We are excited and proud to announce that Cybersprint is mentioned in the Global CyberTech100 list, as provided by FinTech Global. The list recognises 100 cybertech companies from all over the world, who provide the most innovative cyber defence services for financial institutions.

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