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From Monitoring to Response: Securing IoT devices within city limits

by Cybersprint News 28 Oct 2020

This second edition of Bloomberg Associates’ Digital City Tools focuses on technologies that improve the delivery of city services. In one of the case studies, the Municipality of The Hague elaborates on the development of an IoT security monitoring tool in collaboration with Cybersprint. The case study highlights the outcomes of the pilot and the importance of digital security for cities.

IoT security monitoring pilot

The solution creates a real-time view of all connected IoT devices within the city limits, such as security cameras or sensors in large garbage containers. It provides detailed information, such as their whereabouts and function, and how they are connected. Several tools such as Shodan and IP geolocation monitor open and commercially available data sources and combine the data with Open Source Intelligence. Results are shown in a dashboard, including the level of risk each device poses.

Pieter Jansen: “Together with the Municipality, we expanded the vulnerability scanning capabilities of our Digital Risk Protection platform to create the IoT security monitor. The automated detection and assessment of devices provide insights that can be directly translated into action.”

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The 2020 edition of Bloomberg Associates’ Digital City Tools showcases the innovative ways in which 30 leading city governments around the world are embracing technology and transforming the culture of their organisations. The report maps the cities’ deployment of 41 technologies across five thematic areas: connectivity, data, city operations, transport and mobility, and safety and security, and looks at how these technologies are applied to specific city challenges and priorities.

Read more reports from Digital City Tools on https://digitalcitytools.bloombergassociates.org/.

About Bloomberg Associates and Digital City Tools

Bloomberg Associates is an international consulting service founded by Michael R. Bloomberg as a philanthropic venture and is dedicated to supporting city governments to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Digital City Tools was created by the Media and Digital Strategies practice at Bloomberg Associates, which equips city governments with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in applying digital approaches and tools.


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