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Cybersprint sponsored team wins Global Cyberlympics Finals

by Cybersprint News 23 Oct 2019

During the finals of the Global Cyberlympics in Oshawa (Toronto), Canada on 26 October 2019, the Cybersprint sponsored hacking team ‘Jobless Hackers’ was awarded winner.  The Global CyberLympics is a big cyber security competition with teams from all over the world competing in a series of challenges in the areas of Digital Forensics, Web Application Exploitation, System Exploitation, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography and others. The team also includes Cybersprint employees and we are very proud to have supported them in their journey to show their skills.

There have been several pre-qualifying rounds on each continent in preparation for this event. These online elimination rounds were 12-hour contiguous blocks of time challenges. The Cybersprint sponsored team 'Jobless Hackers' were placed second best during the European finals. The two teams with the highest score from each continent were invited to compete at the Global CyberLympics World Finals event in Canada. In this challenge the finalists from all continents competed with each other.

Challenge categories included Digital Forensics, Network Exploitation, Web Applications and Service Exploitation. The final round consisted of a compilation of categories with additional areas being assessed, such as hacking of physical security. Teams consisted of 4 to 6 hackers. The team with the highest score is awarded with the title World Champion. Team 'Jobless Hackers' have clearly won this title with a score of 2168. But there were many competitors: Team 'TSS' won the second prize with a score of 1568 and the third prize was obtained by team 'Sector C' with a score of 1543. More about the prize winners of 2019 on the website of Cyberlympics.

foto eerste prijs Cyberlympics

Proud Sponsor of team ‘Jobless hackers’

Cybersprint is proud sponsor of team ‘Jobless Hackers’ with Thijs Bosschert, ​Bas Bosschert, E. van Eijk, Ius, ​Peter Geissler and ​Steven Ketelaar. In the European pre-qualification rounds, they came in at second place and were therefore invited to join the global challenge.

We followed them closely and wished them the best of luck in this challenging competition! 

"We are very happy with their victory. Of course we had high expectations of this team, but that they have won is a nice confirmation of their extensive qualities" said Pieter Jansen, CEO of Cybersprint.

The Global Cyberlympics

The Cyberlympics is a competition aimed at a broad scope of IT security professionals and will include CTF components. However, the Cyberlympics go beyond the basic CTF challenge. They enforce the idea of teamwork by providing challenges that span nearly all areas of IT security such as pen testing, forensics, malware, log analysis, system exploitation, physical security and many more. Cyberlympics is not solely focused on offense or defense, but rather on an all-encompassing approach allowing teams to compete with whatever cyber security strengths they bring to the table.

You can find more information about the competition on: https://www.cyberlympics.org/

Cybersprint welcomes Victor ter Beke as VP Sales

As of 1 April 2020, Victor ter Beke starts as Vice President Sales at Cybersprint. Victor will lead and further build the international Sales team and is responsible for the global roll-out of the Cybersprint portfolio. His focus is on leading his team into new markets, attracting new customers, and creating partner networks throughout Europe, the US and APAC.

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Vincent Thiele appointed as CISO at Cybersprint

As of 1 February 2020, Vincent Thiele has been appointed as CISO at Cybersprint. Vincent has 20 years’ experience under his belt in various roles and aspects within the cyber security domain, including the last seven years as Head of Operations at the Global CISO department of ING Bank.

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Webinar Cybersecurity en partnerships: vloek en zegen

Update 16-3-2020 | In verband met de ontwikkelingen van het virus, zullen wij het event verplaatsen. We bieden u op 31 maart graag een online alternatief, namelijk een webinar. Lees hieronder meer. Hoe beperk je risico's die je niet zelf kan managen? Twee realiteiten maken cyberdreigingen bijzonder uitdagend: toenemende variatie en constante evolutie van technieken. Een groot deel van de risico’s komt van factoren buiten de eigen infrastructuur, zoals via systemen van leveranciers. Deze assets zijn niet altijd even goed in kaart gebracht. Dus hoe krijgt u een helikopterview over de zichtbare en onzichtbare assets, en hoe houdt u controle over risico’s die niet zelf te managen zijn?  

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