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Cybersprint receives most jury-votes for Computable Security Provider of 2018

by Cybersprint News 7 Nov 2018

In the evening of 28 October 2018, the winners of the Computable Awards 2018 were announced during a gala night. Cybersprint is proud to have received an honourable mention by Computable, as we have received the most votes of the jury in the category Security Provider of the year.

Now that all the winners of the Computable Awards 2018 are known, the editors also published all average percentages. This concerns both jury averages and audience averages and the average final assessment per nominee. Cybersprint was nominated as Security Provider of the year. In this category jury and public votes each count for 50 percent.

Read the article about the votes and honourable mentions on the Computable article (in Dutch)

* means honourable mention by the jury!

During this gala night, all nominees were invited to join an evening with three-course dinner, entertainment and drinks before the winners are announced.

Read more (in Dutch) about the gala evening of the Computable Awards 2018. Also, you can watch the aftermovie.

About the computable awards

The Computable awards are yearly celebrated as one of the most renowned IT prices in the Netherlands. The prices are awarded to companies, projects, and persons who have achieved something significant in IT, in the past year. Every year, Computable hosts a luxurious gala evening to celebrate and announce the winners of that year. 

The 2018 categories include Digital & E-commerce supplier of the year, hardware & infrastructure supplier of the year, security supplier of the year, sofware provider of the year, SaaS provider of the year, educator of the year, IT-project of the year in care, government, education, SME and corporates, digital innovation of the year, service provider of the year, and digital transformation of the year.

Cybersprint participated in the awards with our Digital Risk Protection platform. The platform helps customers discover their online footprint and ‘access points’ which are often not known to their own organisation, including forgotten websites, phishing sites and rogue mobile apps. These unknown online ‘assets’ are not updated in time, which increases the chance of data leaks.



Cybersprint nominated as one of the 10 best cybersecurity providers at Computable

Our team is proud to announce that Cybersprint is nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the category Security & Forensics! With our Attack Surface Management platform, we help organisations monitor their attack surface and mitigate the associated risks within. We are pleased that Computable recognises our approach to help make organisations become more digitally secure.

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Hoe websites onopgemerkt voor kwetsbaarheden kunnen zorgen

Trouw heeft onderzoek gedaan naar de digitale veiligheid van een groot aantal Nederlandse overheidswebsites. Hierin komt naar voren dat tientallen sites risico’s vertonen, waarbij je met brute forcing binnen zou kunnen komen. Een gemeenschappelijke factor hierin is dat deze sites gebruik maken van WordPress. Maar in hoeverre is dat doorslaggevend voor de risico’s, en waar moet je op letten bij het beveiligen van dergelijke websites?  

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Microsoft Exchange CVE: Ransomware attacks incoming

A new wave of ransomware attacks is incoming. The Microsoft Exchange CVEs have already been extensively leveraged by criminals, resulting in secret access paths into organisations. Now, these attacks are waiting to be weaponised. 

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