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Cybersprint nominated as one of the 10 best cybersecurity providers at Computable

by Cybersprint News 10 Jun 2021

Our team is proud to announce that Cybersprint is nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the category Security & Forensics! With our Attack Surface Management platform, we help organisations monitor their attack surface and mitigate the associated risks within. We are pleased that Computable recognises our approach to help make organisations become more digitally secure.

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We would like to kindly ask you to help us win by voting for us! After filling in your details, you will receive a link in your inbox to vote. Click on the voting link in the email and select Cybersprint in the category Security & Digital Forensics (4th category), once you finished voting don’t forget to send the form.

Thank you in advance, your vote is much appreciated!

PS: you are not obliged to vote for the other categories (just scroll down and press submit after selecting Cybersprint), but are welcome to do so.

About the Computable Awards

The Computable Awards are celebrated annually as one of the most renowned IT prizes in the Netherlands. The prizes are awarded to companies, projects, and individuals for significant achievements in the field of IT over the last year. Winners are determined based on 50% jury votes and 50% public votes. The winners of 2021 will be announced on 2 November.
Read Computable’s motivation for nominating Cybersprint here.

Attack surface management

The size of organisations’ attack surfaces rises. Increasing digitalisation and outsourcing of processes and environments means IT teams have a harder job tracking all online activity within their business. Many assets still escape their watchful eye, resulting in an incomplete picture for both security and compliancy purposes.

What’s more, risks originating in the supply chain are rising. These systems are not under an organisation’s direct control, but still hold their – often sensitive - data. Monitoring and controlling the risks coming from third parties is therefore necessary to stay ahead of potential incidents and dataleaks.

Our automated approach to attack surface management helps organisations uncover blind spots in their digital attack surface, including the risks from suppliers. We provide organisations with an outside-in and zero-scope perspective of their attack surface, the same way hackers would approach their target. The assets and risks within that surface are then assessed and categorised based on the severity of risks found, allowing for effective prioritization and mitigation of risks. This way, organisations are empowered to work together with their suppliers for a more secure supply chain.

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Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the entire issued share capital of Cybersprint B.V. (“Cybersprint”), an attack surface management company that provides continuous, real-time insights from an outside-in perspective to eliminate blind spots and detect risks. The acquisition of Cybersprint is aligned with Darktrace’s vision of delivering a ‘Continuous Cyber AI Loop’ and complements its Self-Learning technology and inside-out view.

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Cybersprint partner of THESEUS: making patching happen

Cybersprint is proud to announce our partnership with project THESEUS. Project THESEUS aims to empower organisations to patch faster by radically changing the risk governance of patching.

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Lancering handleiding digitale veiligheid zó hack je een stad

Den Haag, 11 november 2021 - Vandaag heeft wethouder Saskia Bruines bij het ECP Jaarfestival 2021 de handleiding ‘Zó hack je een stad’ gelanceerd en deze overhandigd aan Tineke Netelenbos, voorzitter van ECP en lid van de Cyber Security Raad, het onafhankelijke adviesorgaan van het kabinet.

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