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Cybersprint joins initiative Connect2Trust

by Sebastiaan Bosman News 22 Dec 2020

The Hague - On 1 December 2020, cybersecurity company Cybersprint signed for their participation within the Connect2Trust foundation. The initiative brings expertise in the field of cyber security together with related issues faced by other organisations. Cybersprint will contribute by sharing best practices and researching various challenges using their Digital Footprint platform.

Sharing knowledge and skills

Pieter Jansen, CEO Cybersprint: “We are delighted with the collaboration within Connect2Trust. The initiative to jointly share knowledge and skills has only become more important during this period. We can all improve our security by working together and helping each other with our own expertise. We can contribute to the detection and monitoring of digital assets, and to automatically identify possible risks with our Digital Footprint platform.”

Gunther Cleijn, co-founder and vice-chairman of Connect2Trust: “With Cybersprint’s participation, we add another skilled cybersecurity partner to the programme. Cybersprint specialises in automated detection and mapping of a brand's digital footprint. As this step forms the basis of almost every cybersecurity process, the company's contribution within the network will be widely applicable.”

About Connect2Trust

Connect2Trust aims to provide a platform to share knowledge, information and experiences in the field of cybersecurity. This creates a safe and trusted environment in which the participating organisations can share their challenges, issues, and (sensitive) information about cyber threats with the specialised cyber security parties.

pasfoto001Sebastiaan Bosman is Content Marketeer at Cybersprint.
With an educational background in Communications and Linguistics,
he is responsible for creating and editing most of the internal and external communication. He writes content such as blogs, whitepapers, and case studies, primarily based on Cybersprint’s own research data. Previously, Sebastiaan worked as Content & Communications Advisor at ING Global. 

Cybersprint at e-Crime Conference DACH

Cybersprint will join the virtual e-Crime Conference DACH on 14 January 2021. Our SVP Strategy Eward Driehuis will discuss ‘Present and future attack factors’ and what you can do to protect your organisation. Register at https://akjassociates.com/form/virtual-dach-2021-jan 

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Cybersprint included in 'Now Tech' report by Independent Research Firm

Cybersprint is proud to have been recognised in a new research report by Forrester; the Now Tech: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q4 2020. The report provides an overview of 30 External Threat Intelligence Services providers, helping organisations choose the right service for their needs.

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Give our hacker a nickname & win a custom Cybersprint lego set

We're feeling the Christmas spirit! As a thank-you and appreciation token for our customers, we've put together a unique and custom lego set. We received many enthusiastic reactions over the past days, from more people than just our customers. So we decided to offer our followers a chance to receive this unique lego set as well! Read below how you can participate to win one of the three limited edition sets. 

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