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Cybersprint included in 'Now Tech' report by Forrester

by Cybersprint News 11 Jan 2021

Cybersprint is proud to have been recognised in a new research report by Forrester; the Now Tech: External Threat Intelligence Services, Q4 2020. The report provides an overview of 30 External Threat Intelligence Services providers, helping organisations choose the right service for their needs.

Evolving needs, evolving services

Forester’s report was created with the purpose to categorise the different vendors and their cybersecurity solutions. All organisations have a different mix of IT security priorities. Today’s enterprises see their digital footprint evolve, influenced greatly by digital transformation, cloud and outsourcing. Attack surfaces spread out- and security needs change accordingly.

To cater to the these needs, Cybersprint has evolved its solution: whether you’re an enterprise taking your first steps in the digital domain, or you’re a modern, rapidly changing, agile organisation, your attack surface grows with your digital presence. Modern problems require modern solutions, and Forrester has recognised the need to cover these with “external threat intelligence”.

Now Tech

Forrester’s Now Tech report provides security practitioners in any market with the insights to select the right vendor solution for their business. It categorises the vendors based on their focus and the (geographical) market they operate in. Forrester outlines the three most pressing issues solved by external threat intelligence, centred around risk reduction.

Not only does the right solution help reduce digital risk and protect sensitive company data, but incorporating the right security tools will also provide data needed to make more informed and fact-backed decisions in a wider business-perspective.

Cybersprint’s Digital Footprint platform caters to all of these needs. It automatically and continuously identifies the assets, risks, and threats in the organisation’s digital footprint, resulting in a data-driven view on business risk. It helps to prioritise and mitigate, while also delivering insights into the effectiveness of your infosec processes.

Read the full report here,
available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase.

Cybersprint nominated as one of the 10 best cybersecurity providers at Computable

Our team is proud to announce that Cybersprint is nominated for the Computable Awards 2021 in the category Security & Forensics! With our Attack Surface Management platform, we help organisations monitor their attack surface and mitigate the associated risks within. We are pleased that Computable recognises our approach to help make organisations become more digitally secure.

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Hoe websites onopgemerkt voor kwetsbaarheden kunnen zorgen

Trouw heeft onderzoek gedaan naar de digitale veiligheid van een groot aantal Nederlandse overheidswebsites. Hierin komt naar voren dat tientallen sites risico’s vertonen, waarbij je met brute forcing binnen zou kunnen komen. Een gemeenschappelijke factor hierin is dat deze sites gebruik maken van WordPress. Maar in hoeverre is dat doorslaggevend voor de risico’s, en waar moet je op letten bij het beveiligen van dergelijke websites?  

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Microsoft Exchange CVE: Ransomware attacks incoming

A new wave of ransomware attacks is incoming. The Microsoft Exchange CVEs have already been extensively leveraged by criminals, resulting in secret access paths into organisations. Now, these attacks are waiting to be weaponised. 

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