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Cybersprint assists security of international CAPACITY Covid-19 register

by Sebastiaan Bosman News 3 Jun 2020

As Covid-19 is still a relatively new virus, extensive research is conducted on its effects on people. What complications can be traced back to the virus in Covid-19 patients? How does it affect people with pre-existing health problems? CAPACITY is a registry to address these questions, focussing on a standardised registration of patients with Covid-19 and cardiovascular risks and complications who are at high risk of severe disease progression. The collected data helps to understand the virus and improve medical care. As it relies on patient data, the digital security must be high. To support the study and help keep the data secure, Cybersprint provides its services to CAPACITY pro bono.

Scope and accessibility

The CAPACITY registry has been initiated by the Dutch Cardiovascular Alliance in March, and over 55 other hospitals and healthcare institutes have since joined. Most are situated in the Netherlands, but hospitals from eight other countries are aligned as well. Together, they have already registered data from over 3680 patients, increasing the domain of the research considerably.

Privacy plays a critical role in the process. As patient information is extremely sensitive, records are de-identified and securely stored. On the other hand, the data must also be accessible to facilitate effective collaboration between researchers. To do so in a secure/privacy compliant way, researchers must request access to a digital research environment. Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Protection platform is used to improve the cyber-resilience of the research environment.

Cardiologist Professor Folkert Asselbergs, initiator of CAPACITY: “The current pandemic requires international collaboration between caregivers and scientists to address the most urgent questions we face in daily practice. CAPACITY works according to the FAIR principles by transparency regarding the collected data and data access procedures. As we provide a digital research environment to perform analytics remotely, privacy and security are prioritised to maintain the trust of all patients, caregivers and hospitals that provided their data to improve the care of COVID-19 patients. We highly appreciate the help of Cybersprint, providing us with the insights to proactively keep our data secure.”

CAPACITY and Cybersprint

The platform automatically discovers the online footprint of the CAPACITY research and related environments. It maps the digital assets related to the brand name, such as domains and underlying software configurations. All detected assets are subjected to a variety of scans which look for any vulnerabilities.

The result is a list of assets with their individual risk rating and proposed mitigation actions. Not only do these insights help the IT specialists keep an overview of their digital environment, it also helps to prioritise the vulnerabilities most critical.

Pieter Jansen, CEO Cybersprint: “We are happy to offer our services to the CAPACITY research. The extensive method of the study to better understand the effects of Covid-19 and improve medical care for everyone is unique. It matches perfectly with our involvement in the Tech Against Corona initiative, where we share our expertise in cybersecurity for related projects. Using the automated and real-time analyses of our platform, together we can keep patient data secure while enabling international collaboration in these challenging times.”


pasfoto001Sebastiaan Bosman is Content Marketeer at Cybersprint.
With a background in Communications and Linguistics, he is responsible for the creation and editing processes of most internal and external communication. He writes content such as blogs, whitepapers and case studies, primarily based on Cybersprint’s own research data. Previously, Sebastiaan worked as Content & Communications Advisor at ING Global.

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