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Citrix vulnerability webinar 21/1: Current status and advice

by Cybersprint News, Webinar 17 Jan 2020

The recent discovery of the Citrix vulnerability and the impact it has on thousands of organisations has been widely covered in the media over the past days. No patch has been released as of yet, and the effectiveness of the suggested work-around has not yet been fully verified. In fact, there are Citrix versions for which the work-around is confirmed to be ineffective. 

As more information is shared and the status of the vulnerability is likely to be developing, Cybersprint has created an overview of the issue. We have collected the most recent information and conducted our own research to create a picture of the current situation.

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We would like to invite you to join our webinar on Tuesday 21 January at 12:00h CET, in which we'll share our findings and insights into the Citrix vulnerability. What is its potential impact on the different Citrix versions, and what can you do if the vulnerability affects your organisation?

During the webinar, Cybersprint SVP Strategy Eward Driehuis and Research Director Robert Krenn will present our findings of the Citrix vulnerability, and what you can do if the vulnerability affects your organisation


Update by Cybersprint (20 minutes)
// Outline of the issue
// Complications, scenarios and status
// Advice & implications
Q&A (10 minutes)

Please note:

// Your attendance will be hidden from other participants.
// Questions for the Q&A can be submitted (anonymously) via the webinar application.
// Microphones of participants will be muted.


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Richard Betts joins Cybersprint team

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The Hague, 30 September 2020 – Cybersprint, the leading cybersecurity company specialising in digital footprint, announces successfully closing a new investment. Several existing shareholders in the company, including InnovationQuarter, Vortex Capital Partners and KPN Ventures, have nearly doubled their investment with an additional €1.75 million. Cybersprint will use the investment to accelerate its growth. 

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