Pieter Jansen joins Advisory Board dcypher

by Cybersprint News Apr 2, 2019

PRESS RELEASE – CEO Cybersprint Pieter Jansen joins the Advisory Board of dcypher, the platform for cyber security  research and education of the Dutch government and NWO.

Pieter Jansen, ethical hacker and CEO of Cybersprint, joined the dcypher Advisory Board on 1 April 2019. The ‘Dutch cybersecurity platform higher education & research’, or dcypher, unites researchers, hackers, teachers, students, producers, users and policy makers in the Netherlands to improve knowledge and expertise on cyber security.

The Advisory Board of dcypher consists of representatives from science, higher education, large and small companies and (government) policy. The Board is therefore a reflection of the broad cyber security field. What advisory council members have in common is their focus on cyber security. The Advisory Board advises (solicited and unsolicited) the director of dcypher and if necessary (via the director) also the initiators. The goals of dcypher, making the digital world safer and bundling knowledge, are strongly endorsed by Pieter Jansen:

“The best ethical hackers in the world still come from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, many of these security specialists leave for other countries. Despite the Netherlands’ commitment to knowledge development in the field of cyber security, the Netherlands is already lagging behind Germany, for example. That is why a Dutch knowledge centre in the field of cyber security is of great importance.”

Pieter Jansen takes the place of a board member who stepped back and represented a medium-sized software engineering company. Pieter not only represents a company that is particularly committed to increasing cyber security, but also has good connections with the ethical hackers community. One of his objectives is to improve the bundling of knowledge about cyber security within the Netherlands, so that this knowledge can be used as an export product. Jan Piet Barthel, director of dcypher, is very happy that Pieter Jansen is coming to strengthen the Advisory Board and expects a lot from his input and the new cooperation relationships that will arise.

Cybersprint at Infosecurity Europe

Cybersprint will be participating in the Infosecurity Europe in London, from 4-6 June 2019. Our stand will be located in the Holland IT Security House at stand M40. We invite you to come and pay us a visit and learn more about overcoming your organisation’s cyber security challenges with our Digital Risk Protection solutions. Moreover, our colleague Robert Krenn will present on the value of ‘automated hacking’ on Thursday 6 June.

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Brand Protection: Protecting your organisation’s value

A good reputation is one of the most important assets for any company. That’s why many organisations invest a lot in building a positive and trustworthy brand identity. Strengthened by the emergence of a digital society, online visibility is of growing relevance for organisations that range from local to multinational. Like with every opportunity, there is also a downside. Strong brand names are immensely prone to abuse. Therefore, brand protection is becoming increasingly important.

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Cybersprint present at The Digital Dutch event

On 11 April 2019, KPN organises the fourth edition of The Digital Dutch Event. The event focusses on digital opportunities, inspiration, and innovation in the area of digitisation. Cybersprint will be present with a stand, where we will demonstrate our innovative Digital Risk Protection solutions and how it can assist organisations in their digital security challenges.

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