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Automated Ethical Hacking: We hack you before they do!

by Cybersprint Whitepaper Oct 9, 2018

Today, cyber security entails more than simply installing security software or frequently updating software. In-depth knowledge is required, especially on the kind of hacking attacks your organisation could encounter, how to proactively safeguard your organisation and last but not least, your online presence. Automated ethical hacking is one of the solutions. The digital era means we all have a digital double: your organisation is as much offline as it is online. Knowing what parts are connected to the Internet and the consequences of this connection is an essential first step. High time to ask yourself the following question: do you know your entire online footprint? Why? Because a hacker does.

Ethical hacking explained

Knowing your entire online footprint is important, because ill-intentioned hackers use exactly this information to enter your organisation. Ethical hackers basically do the same when attempting to access a computer system. The difference is, they do so on order of the organisation itself to locate vulnerabilities a (dangerous) Black Hat hacker could misuse. Other types of hackers include Script Kiddies, Grey, Green, Red, and Blue Hat hackers. All types operate in different ways, but they have one thing in common: they are always on the lookout for weak spots in your organisation’s network. Ethical hacking is one of the ways to find out what information is available to hackers and prevent your organisation from becoming their next victim. Hiring an individual or using a third party solution that acts like an ethical hacker will help you proactively battle cyber attacks by staying one step ahead of the malicious hackers.

The path that leads to your organisation

Your online footprint is a collection of all your organisation’s online activities, including the digital entry points to your network as well as confidential information. Most organisations are aware of (most of) their active entry points, for instance their websites or apps, it’s the unknown or hostile entry points under the same brandname or logo that cause a larger risk though. By taking steps to control your entire digital footprint, you are also protecting the identity and reputation of your brand and organisation.

Growing importance

Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise, not surprisingly, so is the information security spend. According to Gartner, organisations are spending more on security as a result of regulations, shifting buyer mindset, awareness of emerging threats and the evolution to a digital business strategy. Worldwide the information security spend increased by 7% last year (2017) and is expected to grow nearly 10% this year, with security services for detection and response leading the way. And although these numbers are impressive, experts believe they are still on the conservative side with the GDPR being enforced and the number of cyber attacks increasing. Furthermore, Gartner forecasts that by 2020 over 60% of organisations will have invested in security tools that prevent data loss, encrypt confidential information and protect organisations, up from 35% today.

Go where hackers go, just a little faster though

Looking at how hacks are evolving, a shift can be seen from infrastructure to applications and the use abuse of personal information. Also, security investments of smaller companies continue to lag behind, which makes them an easy target. From phishing to copycat accounts, CEO-fraud, non-authentic association and false advertising, without taking extra measures, any type of cyber crime could affect your organisation. To prevent these malicious activities from causing damage, it’s of growing importance to not only know what hackers are after, but also to detect vulnerabilities before hackers do. How?

  • Map your digital footprint to reveal and review all entry points
  • Evaluate gaps, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Delete outdated entry points and take action to remove hostile or fake ones
  • Determine if additional security measures need to be taken

Keep track of your trail

Real-time monitoring of your online presence is of utmost importance to proactively keep your organisation secure. Cybersprint’s Digital Risk Protection Platform is the first platform in Europe to provide real-time insight into online vulnerabilities by continuously scanning the Internet, social media, app stores, your network, your IoT devices and the dark web in search of any information that could make it easier for hackers to enter your organisation.

‘We make the invisible vulnerabilities visible’

Non-stop ethical hacking

Cybersprint’s platform operates as an automated ethical hacker, continuously mapping your online footprint and searching for risks in known, hidden and fake entry points that could leave your organisation vulnerable to outside interference. An extensive range of techniques is integrated in the automated platform. It uses the same techniques hackers use in search of online vulnerabilities, only our platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to work faster and to stay hackers and cybercriminals one step ahead! After entering your brand or organisation name, the platform automatically creates a comprehensive overview of all results, analysed as well as prioritised. Enabling you to stay on top of all potential danger and take whatever measures required to prevent your organisation from becoming a victim of cyber crime. The platform offers:

  • Continuous real-time insight into the entire digital footprint of your organisation
  • Immediate vulnerability detection and automated risk analysis
  • An overview of reviewed and prioritised risks
  • Initiating of remedial actions to improve security
  • Industry-specific compliance reporting
  • Real-time dash boarding tailored to global and local industry compliance standards

Free Quickscan

If you are eager to find out how Cybersprint can help protect your organisation, request a quickscan with our Digital risk Protection platform and discover first hand how simple and effective the platform is.




Participating in the global 2019 Urban Resilience Summit

From 8-11 July 2019, the 100 Resilient Cities network will pay a visit to The Hague and Rotterdam to join the 2019 Urban Resilience Summit. The visitors will visit the Cyber Living Lab at The Hague Security Delta campus, where participants, representing cities from all over the world, will join to learn about the innovation processes and best practices. Cybersprint will present and demonstrate their Digital Risk Protection platform with features especially developed to scan the digital footprint and help a city’s cyber resilience.

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The Rise of Automated Hacking

There is a shift in the way cyber criminals are targeting organisations. The methods of mass phishing and hacking are making way for more directed and personalised attacks. They carefully select their targets and craft convincing messages. However, that takes much more time and preparation. To make up for that, they now use automated techniques to carry out attacks. How can you protect your organisation from this emerging threat? 

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Cybersprint at Infosecurity Europe

Cybersprint will be participating in the Infosecurity Europe in London, from 4-6 June 2019. Our stand will be located in the Holland IT Security House at stand M40. We invite you to come and pay us a visit and learn more about overcoming your organisation’s cyber security challenges with our Digital Risk Protection solutions. Moreover, our colleague Robert Krenn will present on the value of ‘automated hacking’ on Thursday 6 June.

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