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Phishing in de zorgsector

In december is het, naast de gezellige tijd van lichtjes, Mariah Carey en cadeautjes, ook de tijd om de zorgverzekering weer onder de loep te nemen.
Op televisie, radio en in print bieden de verzekeraars en vergelijkers de ene na de andere deal om mensen te laten overstappen of hun zorgverzekeringspakketten aan te passen. Dit is geen slechte ontwikkeling. Jaarlijks kunnen bepalen aan welke dekking je behoefte hebt leidt tot een beter toegesneden zorgverzekering. Maar we moeten wel goed op blijven letten tijdens het afsluiten.

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80% van de Nederlandse vakantiegangers gebruikt ‘onveilige’ openbare WiFi-netwerken

Nederland gaat massaal op vakantie deze zomer en neemt daarbij mobiele telefoons, tablets of zelfs laptops mee. Daarmee wordt veelvuldig gebruik gemaakt van openbare WiFi-netwerken in hotel, café, vakantiepark of op het vliegveld. Het Haagse cyber security bedrijf Cybersprint heeft onderzocht dat 80% van de Nederlandse vakantiegangers gebruik maakt van openbare WiFi-netwerken, zonder bekend te zijn met de digitale gevaren.

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Adjust your webpage to HTTPS before 23 July 2018!

After the enormous efforts of organisations to comply with the new privacy legislation (GDPR) before 25 May, a new challenge will follow in this privacy area. As of 23 July 2018, websites with a secure connection must be reachable (HTTPS) in order to be certified ‘safe’ in Google Chrome. Many websites of larger organisations are already equipped with HTTPS, but for many smaller organisations and SME’s this is a new task on the road to a secure online environment. Cybersprint is happy to provide practical tips for the security of your website, including the installation of HTTPS.

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Computable awards 2018: Nominated in category Security provider of the year

The general jury of the Computable Awards 2018 nominated Cybersprint in the category Security supplier of the Year. The unique Digital Risk Monitoring platform helps customers discover their online footprint and ‘access points’ which are often not known to their own organisation, including forgotten websites, phishing sites and rogue mobile apps. These unknown online ‘assets’ are not updated in time, which increases the chance of data leaks.

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Participating in the Accenture Innovation Awards 2018

We are proud to announce that we are taking part in the Accenture Innovation Awards journey within the Security theme. We are the first in Europe to develop a platform that automatically detects the online risks for a brand or organisation by simply entering the brand- or organisaton name. An extensive range of techniques are integrated in the automated platform. Actually it uses the same techniques hackers use in search of online vulnerabilities, only our platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to work faster and to stay hackers and cybercriminals one step ahead!

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Automated Ethical Hacking: We hack you before they do!

Today, cyber security entails more than simply installing security software or frequently updating software. In-depth knowledge is required, especially on the kind of hacking attacks your organisation could encounter, how to proactively safeguard your organisation and last but not least, your online presence. Automated ethical hacking is one of the solutions. The digital era means we all have a digital double: your organisation is as much offline as it is online. Knowing what parts are connected to the Internet and the consequences of this connection is an essential first step. High time to ask yourself the following question: do you know your entire online footprint? Why? Because a hacker does.

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Brand Protection: Protecting your organisation’s value

A good reputation is one of the most important assets for any company. That’s why many organisations invest a lot in building a positive and trustworthy brand identity. Strengthened by the emergence of a digital society, online visibility is of growing relevance for organisations that range from local to multinational.
Like with every opportunity, there is also a downside. Strong brand names are immensely prone to abuse. Therefore, brand protection is becoming increasingly important.

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