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The benefits of Diversity at Hâck The Hague

by Cybersprint Blog 20 May 2021

A great deal has already been said and written about diversity: its advantages in the workplace, in society and also in the ethical hacking community for that matter. With diversity we mean a variety of differences in gender, culture, age, education, knowledge and experience. At HTH we always encouraging diversity among participating hackers as this will result in a similar variety in vulnerabilities discovered.

We are looking for all unique skills

Chris van ’t Hof dedicated an entire chapter to it in his book ‘Cyber trouble was never this much fun’. Women in cybersecurity are relatively underrepresented, especially since there is a lack of female role models and challenges regarding stereotypes in the industry. What a pity! Women bring equal brainpower and critical opinions to develop innovative solutions within the industry. And how many less experienced hackers refrain from registering for hack events because they think they can never take on the professional hackers they will be competing against? Hâck The Hague provides the perfect opportunity for all who ambition ethical hacking.

Benefits of diversity

More diversity means more creativity, interesting perspectives from different experiences, diverse skill sets- and levels, and knowledge of technological developments. It’s beneficial for the personal development of all participants, it raises the stakes in the competition and results in more innovative ways of thinking and problem-solving.

Register today

Bring your skills, insights and creativity to the table and register today as participant of Hack the Hague 2021. This year’s edition will be held online, so is accessible from all over the world. You can participate as an individual or as part of a team of max. 4 people.

More information on the event & registration

Hâck The Hague 2021 in the media

An awesome event like Hâck The Hague is bound to grab attention in the media. How many municipalities and organisations voluntarily allow their systems to be hacked? Not that many, and definitely not by 200 hackers at the same time! From interviews with hackers, to articles about the competition. We have summarised the most remarkable coverage for you in this blog post. 

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Hâck The Hague 2021 Press Release

The Hague, 27 September 2021 – Today the digital infrastructure of the municipality of The Hague was scrutinised by 206 ethical national and international hackers. Among the 125 reported vulnerabilities were; unsafe access to accounts, outdated software, the ability to inject malicious code into a website and an account that could be taken over completely.

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Hâck The Hague programme: sneak preview

We have planned an exciting programme for Hâck The Hague that will air on 27 September. Expect fun podcasts and videos about cybersecurity in all shapes and sizes. We tested citizens of The Hague on their knowledge of cybersecurity and held exclusive interviews with both professional and student hackers. What will they share? Here's a sneak peak. 

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