Hacker(s) leak 6GB of private account data of German politicians and celebrities

by | 04-01-2019 | News

4 January 2018 – One or more hackers have leaked massive amounts of information containing private and personal data of German politicians and celebrities. The data was leaked in ‘advent calendar style’: the hacker(s) released a certain amount of data each day until Christmas on their Twitter account. An initial review by our analysts provided insights into this large-scale doxing campaign.

Based on the available information and our analyses, it is assumed that the hacker(s) abused the reset-password feature for social media sites, using earlier credential leaks to gain access to mailboxes of politicians, YouTubers and other known Germans. It is likely that the hacker(s) used “download all your data”-features that have recently been introduced on sites like Facebook, Apple iCloud and Google due to the new GDPR privacy laws. Using such features, it becomes very easy to obtain all available data of a person at once.

The hacker(s) has/have released a total of six GB of data. It was released in smaller chunks each day, starting on 1 December 2018. The finale of this data advent calendar was released on 24 December, with the personal information of many German politicians.

The leaked data contains information such as private addresses, phone numbers, contact lists, photos, videos, pictures of children, scans of identity documents, internal documents of political parties, email, message and chat conversations, and more. Some of the data is as recent as September 2018. Other files go back to at least 2011.

Even though hacks are never fully preventable, it is highly recommended to regularly change passwords, especially on your email accounts, and enabling the two-factor-authentication function.



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