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Always wanted to try and ethically hack the city of The Hague?
This is your chance! Pre-register for Hâck The Hague 2021.

Hâck The Hague 2021

Update 26/02/2021: After careful consideration, it's been decided that Hâck The Hague 2021 will be hosted as an online event!

What has changed? 

  • We now have more places available: 200 hackers can participate, of which 50 places are reserved for students. You can participate solo or in a team of two, just like last year. 
  • Much bigger pre-defined scope
  • We’ll be using an online platform which will allow you to communicate with each other and the organisation during the event. You can still use the Zerocopter platform to submit vulnerabilities you discover. 
  • An interactive side-programme will be set up for during the event, with interviews, a sneak peak into the control room, secret expert talks, a live award ceremony, and more!
  • The prizes are still the same. 12 €€€-prizes for the three most impressive hacks in four different categories:
    - most creative hack;
    - most advanced hacks;
    - most impactful hacks (professional);
    - most impactful hacks (student).

More details on the event will be disclosed as time progresses. Pre-register to receive all updates in your inbox!

Jeroen Schipper, CISO of the Municipality of The Hague: “Of course we will miss aspects of the live event, like seeing and meeting people in person. On the other hand, an online event brings new challenges and possibilities to the table. Preparations have started and let me tell you: it will be an interesting and exciting event! ”
Pieter Jansen, CEO at Cybersprint: “Organising the event in a digital form is an exciting challenge – and we want to do this right technically. We’ll be using a proper platform for communication amongst the hackers and between participants and organisation, ensuring that everyone stays within the preset limits of the scope and creating an interactive online scoreboard.”


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Cybersecurity and the Municipality of The Hague

As the international city of Peace & Justice, cybersecurity remains crucial to the municipality of The Hague. With regular internal and external assessments, we’re constantly working on our digital security. The Responsible Disclosure aims to better protect the city’s residents, companies and systems by mitigating vulnerabilities. People who report such vulnerabilities via the Responsible Disclosure policy are allegeable to receive a reward.

Hâck The Hague helps to map and assess the municipality’s digital footprint, a necessary step in strengthening the cyber-resilience. In addition, it contributes to raising awareness among residents, entrepreneurs and employees about digital security. Hackers discovered 102 vulnerabilities during last year’s edition, most of which have since been resolved.

If you find any vulnerabilities in the meantime, you can still report it through the responsible disclosure policy of the municipality of The Hague.


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