[UPDATE] German hacker responsible for political data leak arrested

by | 08-01-2019 | News

The New York Times reports that the German hacker responsible for last month’s massive data leak has been arrested.

The German Federal Criminal Police Office has stated that the 20-year-old man’s apartment has been raided last Sunday, during which the hacker has been arrested. German News agency dpa has reported that the suspect has confessed.

No detailed information about the hacker’s methods have been released yet, but more information on the exposed data can be found here. 

The Federal Criminal Police Office said investigators searched the apartment of a 20-year-suspect from central Hesse state on Sunday and arrested him.

Authorities have said that almost 1,000 people were affected by the data breach. In most cases, the information made public was limited to basic contact details, but in up to 60 cases more extensive personal data was published.

Read the New York Time’s full article here. 




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20 young people including 10 American youngsters from Albuquerque and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico will be welcomed in The Hague by Cybersprint on 21 March 2019. The young coding talents will learn how to use their coding and hacking skills in a positive way and to make the digital world safer. They will also see real life examples of how they could use these skills to increase their career opportunities. The programme is part of the CyberHeroes-week which is set up by Cyberworkplace in Rotterdam and the American Embassy in The Hague.

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