DNS-update incoming: is your domain ready?

by | 11-01-2019 | News

Let’s talk DNS. In the very essence, the Domain Name System is a global, decentralised system that links a domain name (such as www.cybersprint.com) to an IP-address. Just like everything else IT, it is best when updated regularly. To make the current DNS ready for extension mechanisms (EDNS), certain workarounds are going to be deleted starting 1 February 2019.

Will this effect your domain? Test it here.

The main change is that DNS software from certain vendors interpret timeouts as sign of a network or server problem. Starting February 1st, 2019 there will be no attempt to disable EDNS as reaction to a DNS query timeout.

This effectivelly means that all DNS servers which do not respond at all to EDNS queries are going to be treated as dead.

The site dnsflagday.net offers a free check for your domains. Next to the one-click check, the site lists more ways to check your compatibility. The update only affects sites running on software that doesn’t follow the published standards. Still, better safe than sorry. 



US youngsters learn how to use coding & hacking skills

20 young people including 10 American youngsters from Albuquerque and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico will be welcomed in The Hague by Cybersprint on 21 March 2019. The young coding talents will learn how to use their coding and hacking skills in a positive way and to make the digital world safer. They will also see real life examples of how they could use these skills to increase their career opportunities. The programme is part of the CyberHeroes-week which is set up by Cyberworkplace in Rotterdam and the American Embassy in The Hague.

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