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Cybersprint Digital Risk Protection Platform

The Cybersprint Platform

We’ve developed a unique Digital Risk Protection SaaS-platform that works 24/7 as an automated ethical hacker, continuously in search of online vulnerabilities. Read more

Cybersprint provides realtime insights

Make the world more cyber-secure

Cybersprint protects organisations by providing real-time insights into their online footprint. Read more


GAIN insights into your online footprint

Cybersprint’s Web Risk Monitoring solution automatically detects all digital entry points related to your brand or organisation. We use your brand name to discover where your organisation is currently at risk. This overview is available to you 24/7. Cybersprint also actively communicates any measures we think need to be taken to secure your online presence.

  • Prevent CEO-fraud
  • Detect phishing websites
  • Detect shadow IT
  • Prevent data/password leaks

Safeguard your business & reputation

Cyber criminals search the web for weak spots in your company’s digital infrastructure to damage your business. That is why it’s important to gain insight into your entire online footprint and current cyber risks.
We discover your online attack surface; how secure your email domains are, which online entry points are accessible (internationally), wrongly deployed internet protocols, and we check SSL certificates (SSL Labs score).

Other risks Cybersprint detects include: forgotten web pages or subdomains, shadow IT, configuration or internet protocol errors, and improper use of your brand name, including phishing websites. 

As optional add-ons to the Web module, Cybersprint offers services that monitor specific parts of your digital infrastructure. The Brand Compliance monitor detects whether your web pages use the right tone of voice, messaging, fonts and company colours. Furthermore, the GDPR Compliance monitor scans your websites for indicators of GDPR implementation, ensuring the correct integration of cookies, for instance. 

Digital Risk Protection for Web

Cybersprint’s Web monitoring solution is part of the Digital Risk Protection platform, which provides 24/7 insights into your online footprint. This solution is exclusively focused on tracking your online presence and vulnerabilities in your web environment. We report these results to you real-time, include an extensive risk inventory, and advise on mitigating actions we believe are necessary to protect your business.

Key Features

Domain Intelligence

Cybersprint creates a feed of over 450,000 newly registered domain names every 24 hours. Names are analysed to discover if any new pages are wrongly using your brand or organisation’s name.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our high-end AI tools detect if a web page or domain is used in a malicious way, e.g. as a phishing website.

Data Visualisation

Our Big Data platform is used to map trends and patterns in attacks. This analysis is then used to protect your organisation before any damage is done.


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"When I started as Security Officer at Eurofiber, the Digital Risk Monitoring from Cybersprint helped me to gain insights into our online footprint. On the basis of these insights, I was able to set priorities for Eurofiber's information security plan. The people at Cybersprint think along well about the needs for me as a client and give substance to the further development of the product."



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