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Cybersprint Digital Risk Protection Platform

The Cybersprint Platform

We’ve developed a unique Digital Risk Protection SaaS-platform that works 24/7 as an automated ethical hacker, continuously in search of online vulnerabilities. Read more

Cybersprint provides realtime insights

Make the world more cyber-secure

Cybersprint protects organisations by providing real-time insights into their online footprint. Read more


Protect your reputation and your executives

Cybersprint’s Social Media risk monitoring solution detects and screens all social media accounts related to your organisation. We use your brand name and search for any activity that puts your company’s reputation at risk. Not only is your brand covered; we can also scan the activity on your VIPs’ accounts. This overview is available to you 24/7 through the platform. Cybersprint also actively communicates any measures we think need to be taken to secure your social media presence and prevent attacks, for instance when we detect malicious activities against your organisation in an online conversation.

  • Track all organisational activities
  • Detect copycat accounts and weak security settings
  • Discover official and non-official social media presence

Manage your social media presence

Social media accounts are created in no-time. This is also to the convenience of cyber criminals. As more business is done online, the information needed to create a copycat account is easily found. Ironically, your online presence could become your online downfall. That’s why it is important to actively manage any (fake) social media accounts related to your business. Followers might think they are dealing with an official account. Our platform reveals all accounts linked to your organisation, copycat accounts, and fake executive accounts that could cause personal and/or organisational damage.

Digital Risk Protection for Social Media

Cybersprint’s Social Media monitoring solution is part of the Digital Risk Protection platform, providing 24/7 insights into your online footprint. This solution screens your official and possibly fake social media accounts. We continuously search for weak security settings on profiles, implement sentiment analyses and track social media activities targeted at your organisation to prevent attacks. We share our findings with you automatically and in real-time.

We guard the online activities on social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit. Timely identification of digital threats and pro-active initiation of remedial actions enable you to protect your online reputation.

Key Features

Sentiment Analysis

Our Social Media risk monitoring doesn’t only scan for views and interactions, but also scans the sentiment of comments and shares using keyword analyses. This provides you with a better understanding of your audience’s ideas and intentions.

VIP monitoring

Next to monitoring your organisation’s social media, we also apply VIP monitoring: we scan the sentiment in comments on your VIPs’ personal posts, as well as in any other activity mentioning your VIPs.

Big data

By gathering big amounts of data from across the internet, the platform constantly improves. We extract and analyse the data to create new data sets that help to discover and mitigate digital threats.


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"When I started as Security Officer at Eurofiber, the Digital Risk Monitoring from Cybersprint helped me to gain insights into our online footprint. On the basis of these insights, I was able to set priorities for Eurofiber's information security plan. The people at Cybersprint think along well about the needs for me as a client and give substance to the further development of the product."



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