Risk Monitoring

Gain insights into public network exposure

Cybersprint’s Netblock Risk Monitoring solution detects and screens all public network addresses you use. We discover which addresses are publicly exposed and provide full insight into possible misuse.

These unique addresses need to be protected to secure the access to your network. An overview of your network addresses is necessary to sufficiently protect your organisation against certain attacks.
Just as you secure the entrance of your office building.

  • Prevent BGP Hijacking
  • Map full public network exposure
  • Prevent reputation damage

Shadow networks

Hijacking public network addresses is becoming a more common practice of cyber criminals. By hijacking the unique address of your organisation, an attacker redirects visitors or customers from your network address to their own. The attacker can easily mislead your customers by serving a phishing website or other malicious content and steal their personal or financial information.

Even though your official netblocks are properly registered, old internet connections might pose as back doors to your organisation.
These connections have usually been set up in the past for easy maintenance access, but can transform into the ultimate stepping stone towards your most confidential information. Intrusion can be prevented by knowing all the alternative entry points.

Digital Risk Monitoring for netblocks

Cybersprint’s Netblock Risk Monitoring solution is part of the Digital Risk Protection platform, providing 24/7 insights into your organisation’s online footprint. This solution maps the unique public network infrastructure of your organisation. Cybersprint’s Netblock Monitoring detects and alerts any changes in netblock addresses, so mitigating actions can be taken immediately.

Key Features

Domain Intelligence

Cybersprint creates a feed of over 450,000 newly registered domain names every 24 hours. Names are analysed to discover if any new pages are wrongly using your brand or organisation’s name.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our high-end AI tools are able to detect if a web page or domain is used in a malicious way, e.g. as a phishing website.

Data Visualisation

Our Big Data platform is used to map trends and patterns in attacks. This analysis is then used to protect your organisation before any damage is done.


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The collaboration with Cybersprint went smoothly and has been very professional. Implementation of the Web Monitoring module was very straightforward, since Cybersprint’s solutions do not require integration of hardware into the IT-infrastructure of the Ministry. Consequently, the Digital Risk Protection platform for the Ministry of Defence was setup quickly.

Marcel Smits

Ministry of Defence

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