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Cybersprint Digital Risk Protection Platform

The Cybersprint Platform

We’ve developed a unique Digital Risk Protection SaaS-platform that works 24/7 as an automated ethical hacker, continuously in search of online vulnerabilities. Read more

Cybersprint provides realtime insights

Make the world more cyber-secure

Cybersprint protects organisations by providing real-time insights into their online footprint. Read more


Make sure your users’ trust is not damaged

Cybersprint’s Mobile Apps Risk Monitoring solution searches for all mobile applications related to your brand or organisation. We use your brand name to identify any security threats or unofficial apps that could damage the relationship with your customers. This overview is available to you 24/7. Cybersprint also actively communicates any measures we think need to be taken to secure your company’s apps and protect your reputation and brand.

  • Manage official apps
  • Identify unofficial apps
  • Improve app security

Protect your customers

More and more companies are using an app or app store to engage with customers. This offers cybercriminals the opportunity to misuse your brand and create fake apps with your brand name. These apps lure customers into sharing personal details or completing fake transactions. That is why it’s important to continuously search for new apps created under your brand name and manage the security of the apps you own. We detect malicious apps in over 168 app stores (including iOS, Windows Mobile and Android), and check the security of your official apps and the risks that come with updating them. You will stay in control of your online assets and your customers’ trust won’t be damaged.

Digital Risk Monitoring for Mobile Apps

Cybersprint’s Mobile Apps Monitoring solution is part of the Digital Risk Monitoring platform, providing insights into your online footprint – 24/7. The solution continuously looks for fake apps and keeps an eye on your official ones. Our findings are automatically shared with you, based on real-time results. We timely identify vulnerabilities and indicate remedial actions for these threats to protect your online reputation.

Key Features


The platform collects and scans for extensive information about the apps, such as the author and developer, build date, update frequency, description, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

The platform uses AI to constantly improve its scans, analyses and findings. The more it finds, the better it works.

Big data

By gathering big amounts of data from across the internet, the platform constantly improves. We extract and analyse the data to create new data sets that help to discover and mitigate digital threats.


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"When I started as Security Officer at Eurofiber, the Digital Risk Monitoring from Cybersprint helped me to gain insights into our online footprint. On the basis of these insights, I was able to set priorities for Eurofiber's information security plan. The people at Cybersprint think along well about the needs for me as a client and give substance to the further development of the product."



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