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Take care of your most valuable assets

Cybersprint’s Dark Web risk monitoring solution searches for data and products that can be traced back to your organisation. We use your brand or organisation’s name to detect confidential information or products in the illegal circuit.

We scan the Deep and Dark Web in search of anything from data leaks to attack requests aimed at your organisation. Our findings are available to you 24/7. Cybersprint also actively communicates any measures we think need to be taken to secure your company’s reputation.

  • Search for data breaches and password leaks
  • Detect doxing and publication of private or identifying information
  • Discover requests for cyber attacks (DDoS)

Detect crime and reduce the damage

Your data and your reputation are your most valuable assets. Not only does your company data include information hackers are eager to obtain, you are also the keeper of your customers’ and employees’ data.
This includes personal or financial information that is easily misused. That’s why it is important to always keep an eye on the data offered on the Dark Web and the Deep Web. Cybersprint reveals, among other things, data leaks, confidential customer data, leaked (employee) passwords, leaked credit card data, and requests for DDoS attacks.

Digital Risk Protection for Dark and Deep Web

Cybersprint’s Dark Web risk monitoring solution is part of the Digital Risk Protection platform, providing insights into your online footprint – 24/7. This solution is exclusively focused on screening for talk about your brand on hidden parts of the web used by cyber criminals.
We continuously scan the Dark and Deep Web in search of information regarding your organisation, VIPs, customers, and clients. We also scan and retrieve the specific domains that don’t want to be found. Instead of ending in a regular domain identifier, these end with ‘.onion’, hence they are called ‘onions’. All of these insights are automatically shared on your dashboard, based on real-time results.

Key features

Big Data

By gathering big amounts of data from across the internet, the platform constantly improves. We extract and analyse the data to create new data sets that help to discover and mitigate digital threats.

Password dumps

Instead of the standard, narrow search for one specific email address,
our platform scans complete domain names for password dumps.
This significantly improves the platform’s effectiveness.

Uncovering Onions

Our platform constantly identifies and categorises new onion domains.
We can then assess the threat, scrape that site, and expand our data base.


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The collaboration with Cybersprint went smoothly and has been very professional. Implementation of the Web Monitoring module was very straightforward, since Cybersprint’s solutions do not require integration of hardware into the IT-infrastructure of the Ministry. Consequently, the Digital Risk Protection platform for the Ministry of Defence was setup quickly.

Marcel Smits

Ministry of Defence

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